The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

From Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney comes a documentary about the rise and fall of Theranos, the one-time multibillion-dollar healthcare company founded by Elizabeth Holmes. Premieres March 18 on HBO.


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41 replies
  1. Medina 15
    Medina 15 says:

    funny cuz shes not a terrible person in the sense tht she really believed she was gonna change the world but shes terrible for continuing even after she knew it was falling short

  2. BotanyDegree2012 Pilkerton
    BotanyDegree2012 Pilkerton says:

    Cancer cells are not in our blood.
    Cancer cells do not travel via the blood or lymph system.
    Testing your blood over a period of a few months only shows a person's level of white blood cells which only indicates inflammation/infection, which could be normal, and could also be anything from arthritis to an ingrown hair, a sharp increase in readings, after a few months, would indicate something's going on, but it can't tell you where or what, it just leaves a person terrified.

  3. Mr. TalkAlotOfCrypto
    Mr. TalkAlotOfCrypto says:

    No matter what anyone says this lady did change a lot in the blood corrupt industry robbing you blind. For example, she had laws change that was in place HB 2645 laboratory testing without physicians order which had the doctors as a middleman. We need to lock up those criminals like BILL GATES whom releases virus and bacterial to the world for "depopulation" agenda.

  4. Evgeny Dorokhov
    Evgeny Dorokhov says:

    Удивительно, как построены интервью и вопросы со всеми участниками фильма, которые говорят о "мошенничестве" там, где его быть не может по определению. Например, многие говорят о том, что Элиз выдавала желаемое за действительное и требовала невозможного — это мошенничество? Здрасти, это цель любого стартапа. И в такой коннотации построены абсолютно все диалоги. Они называют белое скользким и параллельно разводят руками – ну, все же было так очевидно, почему мы сразу не поняли. Идиотизм запредельный. Весь этот фильм в большой степени наводит на мысль о том, что все это чей-то заказ и девчонку просто слили.

  5. thatsenoughthankyoususanne
    thatsenoughthankyoususanne says:

    the funny thing is this happens all the time. Companies make statements that are bs and no one questions them. I'm a molecular biologist and I can tell you many companies make statements that are definitely not true or even possible. Dove makes claims about microbiota that don't even make sense and no one even questions it. Obviously not life threatening but I don't even want to know what other lies companies make

  6. Messier11
    Messier11 says:

    The level of balls it takes to keep a charade up to this level is what fascinates me. Like what goes through someone’s mind to get to that level of confidence. Reminds me of the guy that tried buying the Islanders in 1996

  7. drmilimili Y
    drmilimili Y says:

    I am afraid to say so but sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. This woman not only looked clinically insane, the way she imitated true geniuses was also incredibly disconcerting. Those who got their socks charmed off should learn.

  8. lee la
    lee la says:

    Is it any wonder most people don't trust the medical profession, when they didn't question her enough on this. If it hadn't been for the two young whistleblowers out of 700 cowardly Theranos employees, people would still be getting duped by her unsound and inaccurate methods. Shame on all the staff that worked for her, knew and stayed silent. And double shame on politicians like Joe Biden (then VP) for falling for it without one shred of evidence and calling her inspiring. How many dopes can you fit into a capsule?


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