THE JACK IN THE BOX 2: Awakening Trailer (2022)

Official The Jack in the Box: Awakening Movie Trailer 2022 | Subscribe ➤ | James Swanton Movie Trailer | Release: 18 Jan 2022 | More
Terminally ill heiress Olga Marsdale acquires a mysterious gothic box containing a captured demon – Jack. The powerful entity within makes a deadly deal with Olga and her devoted son Edgar – deliver six victims to Jack and Olga will live. They trap several unsuspecting victims for him within the vast crumbling mansion – but can they deliver all six before it’s too late? Or will Amy, the young and innocent woman recently hired to look after the estate turn out to be more than a match for both the family and the Jack?

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The Jack in the Box: Awakening (2022) is the new horror movie starring James Swanton, Nicola Wright and Matt McClure.

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33 replies
  1. Serge Crevier
    Serge Crevier says:

    Ok, I didn't know what to expect. Good, cheesy, bad, dumb or all of that.

    First off, the story is not that bad but very linear. It is just not delivered in the best way. The '' horror '' is mainly jump scares Lots of it!.

    The acting is weak.

    The '' son '' might be the best of them all. I mean, the '' cleaning girl '', Mollie Hindle ( Amy ) is bad. And the rest also are not that good.

    And man I wouldn't hire her to clean my house!!

    A couple things made no sense & ruined it a bit for me. Just dumb wrong things that could be edited or remade since it makes no sense really!

    Add a couple props fail here & there & lame dialogue & you have this movie.

    Jack is creepy & cool-looking. The sound he makes is also not bad. Not sure it fits with him but you kind of get used to it.

    I did not see the 2019 version btw. I don't know if it's related story-wise.
    The ending sucks & it runs for 1h30
    Should I go watch #1? Is it better?
    Why I watched #2 before #1? It just happened like that. I don't think it's a big deal.

  2. Eleonik 76
    Eleonik 76 says:

    After all these BS comments,written by retards,that give you no clue about the movie,here is the verdict. Please, please do NOT waste your time to download and watch it!! It's not worth even the click,cause the only money this "movie" was made with,were given to rent the house and the driver. Actors…I will just say,that my 6 year old daughter would played all their roles way,way better!!! What a pile of junk!!

  3. bluezinnia847
    bluezinnia847 says:

    I just finished watching this Fantastic Gothic Horror Movie! I give it 5 Stars! Well, Scripted, well Acted, photography & side effects brilliant. On the thrill side..It kept me on the edge of my seat at nearly every turn & twist! The the costuming, photography & of course the Jack in the box was gothic in an Old fashioned (but modern, sort of way) I'm a fan of Gothic horror, and this is one of the best movies in it's category that I've seen in years!

  4. TGX
    TGX says:

    I must be under a rock at bikin rock bottom with Spongebob and Patrick when the 1st one came out. Never heard or seen any type of trailer for the 1st one.

  5. Donna p Honsa
    Donna p Honsa says:

    Me and my cousin were going to watch this before I got the trailer up after I watched this I was looking at the comments pennywise one and kind of funny. even my cousin said that.


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