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  1. KDrop
    KDrop says:

    Does that mean Chloe is burning down her new home and building a bigger one?
    I mean her mall house truly isn’t big enough. We need to think of the children.

  2. Jason R
    Jason R says:

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  3. Lochan
    Lochan says:

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  4. Aleksandra K.
    Aleksandra K. says:

    The storylines are looking more and more fake. All of them look like emotionless dolls who got a lot of work done… Why would anyone want to watch this as the world is going to such a big crisis?! Who cares about these people?

  5. Saida Aripova
    Saida Aripova says:

    If someone cheats on you once, they will cheat again. Tristan cheated on Khloe when she was PREGNANT with his child. No words needed to describe how disgusting his actions are. Khloe needs to find a man that will TRULY love her, not someone who makes fake promises and manipulates. She tried to give him another chance because he’s the father of her daughter, but’s just clear that he won’t change


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