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36 replies
  1. Tanya C.
    Tanya C. says:

    Sadly what tristan said is the truth. He knows she wont leave him cause she is in a vulnerable position, khloe needs to have some self respect and end things with him. She deserves someone who cares for her

  2. ymarrero23
    ymarrero23 says:

    When you get a third woman pregnant I think any woman should have self respect cut her feelings off and walk away. All it would take is only one time for a man to cheat and get another woman pregnant and we are done. There is no restoring that; if you allow filthy men like that in your life and forgive that type of transgression they will continue to do far worse. If Chloe were to get pregnant by another man I bet you Tristian would have nothing to do with her.

  3. unconditional love
    unconditional love says:

    Omg…they are EMBARESSING everything for money right …exist people that dont have food,shame on you greedy *** you are so POOR the ONLY th8ng you have is money and plastic pumpen into yall cant stand this fakeness

  4. Patricia Nyman
    Patricia Nyman says:

    Scott Disick is such a sad sack!!! Maybe he should get a job at Walmart!¡!! Try to make an honest living but you are sadly such a pathetic and lonely person and we all feel sorry for you!!!!

  5. 40kg Norg
    40kg Norg says:

    SCOTT DISICK IS A TOTAL DOUSHEBAG! like Scott come on, leave your ex-in laws ALONE! Move on with your life, be a good dad and find love in a different zip code!

  6. Leslie Guido
    Leslie Guido says:

    See the thing with Khloe is that she is just as much of a red flag & toxic as Tristan and I really don't understand why people feel sorry for her…She always says she does all these things to coparent with her daughter's father but does that mean working out alone, going to dinners just with Tristan? I understand coparenting as hanging out w/ the kid or at kid's birthdays etc… She really just keeps using her daughter as an excuse & allow him to walk over her just to be close to him….

  7. ML.Kimoni
    ML.Kimoni says:

    Guess production said Kendall got to bring the drama because she is stale as a person and they need content from her if she is going to get a cut on this show.


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