The Kids in the Hall – Official Green Band Trailer | Prime Video

The Kids in the Hall are back, May 13 only on Prime Video.


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The Kids in the Hall – Official Green Band Trailer | Prime Video

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  1. Phil Jermakian
    Phil Jermakian says:

    I couldnt finish the first sketch, thought myself unfair and skipped 2 episodes ahead and couldnt get past another sketch. Maybe there are gems in there but yuck what I saw was dark and unfunny.

  2. Ocean Master
    Ocean Master says:

    Just binge watched all 8 Episodes of the new season and it was freakin Awesome! They haven't changed a bit, and is what we get is the exact same insane comedy skits that only KITH could ever bring to the world. It's whacky, it's gory, it's Rated 18+ and they don't hold back on anything. As a matter of fact this new season could never air on regular T.V. due to it's graphic content, nudity, and sexual content. But for any KITH fan…….it couldn't get any better than this. They didn't mess with it, they knew what the fans wanted and that's exactly what we got with this new season. We do of course see the revisiting of many of the most classic and Iconic Characters from the original seasons, but a whole bunch of NEW characters as well. Not too much of a spoiler, but the biggest shock you will get is in the first episode where there is FULL FRONTAL Nudity involving Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald. Not only full frontal nudity, but full frontal nudity doing Jumping Jacks ! And yes one of them is Circumcised and the other is not…but I will leave that for you to find out LOL. ENJOY!


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