THE KILL TEAM Trailer (2019)

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A young American soldier in Afghanistan is disturbed by his commanding officer’s behavior and is faced with a moral dilemma.

The Kill Team (2019) is the new war movie starring Nat Wolff, Alexander Skarsgård and Adam Long.

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  1. Khan Shakeel
    Khan Shakeel says:

    This is all shit, thay used to scream like dogs, when taliban attacked them, they piss in their pants, and they are all phyco patients because they experienced the fear of death every single day, every single moment,

  2. Always a Marine
    Always a Marine says:

    This is a great Afghanistan war movie. There’s not many that are good. The only ones that were good war movies was jarhead, American sniper, the outpost, black hawk down, and lone survivor plus you cannot forget full metal jacket and private jack Ryan

  3. Don Juan
    Don Juan says:

    Wow what a powerful movie. What I witness about his Sargent that he was mentally deranged and Killing innocent Afghanistan families and covering his torture….I don't know how the Military works but this soldier just took an order from his loko Sargent & if you don't follow hell rain in him for following it so sad, I would of shot my Sargent if am gonna get 3 years in prison.

  4. Rupert Winslow
    Rupert Winslow says:

    I re enlisted to that unit and that platoon from 10th mountain division when I re enlisted. They were the most ate up soldiers I have ever came across. I knew a few of them. Stoner told me what happened. They kept him up in the S shops in the company area mostly for his protection or a gag order dealio. I also had to go pick up morlock in shackles at the brig to bring him to his court dates. Wasn't what my job was but had to.


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