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In the 1970s, one entrepreneur took America for a ride. All roads lead to #TheLadyAndTheDale, premiering January 31 at 9PM on HBO Max. #HBO #HBODocs
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From Emmy-winning producers Mark and Jay Duplass, The Lady And The Dale explores the story of mysterious entrepreneur Elizabeth Carmichael, a trans woman who rose to prominence when she released a fuel-efficient three-wheeled vehicle during the 1970s gas crisis. The four part docuseries dives deep into the rise and fall of Liz’s extraordinary life through fraud, family, identity and the pitfalls of the American Dream.

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The Lady and the Dale: Official Trailer | HBO

33 replies
  1. Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley says:

    I love how these documentarians use a form of moral relativism to justify criminal behavior. The "Lady" was a criminal. Using her transexual status to justify her wrong behavior is criminal in itself. That and the not so slight slam at Tucker Carlson is shameful. The subject was delusional, not in her trans status but in her career of criminal exploitation of other people. The exploited people, her victims were never interviewed. It is a fascinating story, but if a heterosexual white male had done the same things it would have had a different conclusion. The film itself is even a form of political exploitation. I believe Trans people should have the rights everyone else has but some of the things they are asking for are actually special privilege. Competing with biological females in sports is one of them. If you surrender to the idiocy of this twisted reasoning you have to conclude that Catelyn Jenner is the greatest woman athlete of all time.

  2. Brian K
    Brian K says:

    Just got done with PT.4 It was kinda sad in the end I kinda feel sorry for her kids , the one employee wheel chair bound living a trailer home cause if the car had gotten the right backing maybe things might have been different at least for him

  3. Zuriñe
    Zuriñe says:

    The story is very interesting. The only thing i did not quite like was the graphics used. Very distracting and comedy like. In a way,the graphics downplayed the importance of the story.

  4. Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller says:

    Curious to know if they mentioned Dale Clifft, who actually designed a working vehicle (it wasn't necessarily what you'd call a car, the exterior was naugihide) and that it was named for. He died in 1981 but seems an interesting fellow (and who Liz fired when he began to question her on some of the claims)

  5. Ryan Peck
    Ryan Peck says:

    All the facts lead a person to believe it was a con, but her daughter seems to be in her own reality she has constructed. It's pretty entertaining and also sad.

  6. Keith Fitzgerald
    Keith Fitzgerald says:

    The "star" of this story, Liz Carmichael, was, first and foremost, a major fraud for almost all of his (and then her) life — a counterfeiter, a bogus car company magnate, and then a flower-vending shark who scooped up homeless people to sell roses on street corners all day, paying them 20% of what they made and housing them in a trailer on her property.
    Yet the filmmaker and the trans advocates featured in the documentary try to make her out to have been an iconic "victim" in the 70s and beyond.
    It's touching that her family members and ex-staff who agreed to participate in this movie have many or even mostly fond things to say about her, even as she uprooted her kids endlessly, subjecting them to utter instability and worse as she fled justice from state to state to state across America.
    Bottom line for me: Whatever her supporters say about her, she never committed the funds to make the three-wheel Dale car viable; her main impulse was to gouge as many investors as possible.
    She wasn't an automotive pioneer any more than Elizabeth Holmes was in the field of blood-testing.
    Psychopathy was the fuel in both cases. Same goes for Trump.

  7. wojtaswrr
    wojtaswrr says:

    Z oszusta zrobili menczennicę, nigdy nie odpowiedział za to co zrobił, nie zwrócił ukradzionych pieniędzy i nie zadośćuczynił.
    Idealny idol lewackiego zgniłego świata.

  8. Deipatrous
    Deipatrous says:

    OK, but pre-transition Liz had been convicted of scams and the like… so law enforcement did not go after them because of the trans thing, if anything the transition became a smokescreen that allowed the newly minted Liz to perpetrate a new series of scams.


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