The Lake – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Justin (Jordan Gavaris), a recently divorced gay man, brings Billie (Madison Shamoun), the biracial daughter he gave up for adoption, to the lake where he summered as a boy. Justin hopes spending the summer together with Billie will bring them closer. Still, Justin’s obsession with wresting control of his family cottage back from his stepsister Maisy-May (Julia Stiles) only pushes them further apart. It will take a lot of growing up for all parties to learn how they fit into a family, including the Iron Lady of the lake, Maisy.


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The Lake – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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  1. Percell Gray
    Percell Gray says:

    Can I just take time to say how GOOD Julia Stiles is looking? Of course Save the last dance is the reason I always had a crush on her and now she's aged like fine wine

  2. Liz Muschinski
    Liz Muschinski says:

    I was so excited about a show set at a lake, so I could feel nostalgic for the one I grew up on, only this time with some diversity, but instead we got a show where every character talks like a vapid, hypersexual drag queen. While they went a little overboard with the representation, it is nice to see even such an unlikely mixture of people represented. Unfortunately every character was given the same dialogue, which is just quip after banal quip, like each one is a 38 year old gay man, or some wine-swilling basic B trying to use every slang word they've heard.

  3. Natalia V
    Natalia V says:

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