The Last Cruise (2021): Official Trailer | HBO

Using intimate footage recorded by passengers and crew, The Last Cruise is a first-person account of the nightmare that transpired aboard the ill-fated Diamond Princess cruise ship, which set sail from Japan on the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The HBO original documentary The Last Cruise premieres March 30 on HBOMax.

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The Last Cruise (2021) | Official Trailer | HBO

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  1. DemonWarp65
    DemonWarp65 says:

    I have been on several cruises in the Caribbean, and one European cruise. But now that I know about the corrupt, disgusting underbelly of the cruise industries, I would not go on another even if the whole pandemic never hit.

  2. That turtle flint
    That turtle flint says:

    A nation that is easily brainwash by the media and easily manipulated by their own government is easy to control. People will not be able to fight back for their freedom!!! Too busy being famous in social media will not save you from tyranny!!

  3. Gtv
    Gtv says:

    Okay people get over it. It's a documentary just showing what happened. It's reality not a fan made documentary. It could actually provide as insight for those traveling

  4. Edward Fielding
    Edward Fielding says:

    This doc was lacking in that it didn't show the total f-up when the passengers landed in the US and were allowed to grab cabs and head home rather than being tested/quarantined. Does a good job of highlighting the privileged rich passengers compared to the living conditions below deck of the below minimum wage staff who serve them.

  5. David IV Freedom
    David IV Freedom says:

    More BS COVID propaganda. Hyped sensationalism wrongly justified. Lies.
    The real Pandemic is the media and Hollywood and Fraudci cronies
    Pity those people prisoners against their will on a ship for no reason other than evil bureaucracy gain.
    HBO should do a documentary on Fauci dating back to 1980s fraud and Zika and all the other staged “pandemics”

  6. Romina
    Romina says:

    I think the doc was lacking. I just watched it and I'm not sure exactly what, but when it reached the end it felt incomplete and rushed. It was good enough though, wish the pov and stories about the crew had more visibility and follow up.

  7. Kwame Oluwasomi
    Kwame Oluwasomi says:

    The COVID19 Plandemic is a crime against humanity, and the people responsible – from CEOs and politicians to celebrities – will face a punishment so severe they’d be better off taking their own lives.

  8. Interstellar_Duh
    Interstellar_Duh says:

    So in the beginning of the doc when the crew members are speaking, the first female crew member is speaking in Tagalog but your subtitles say she's speaking Indonesian (Bahasa). Might wanna fix that.

  9. lucabaar1
    lucabaar1 says:

    what kind of gerbil factory was this? A bunch of first world numbskulls pissing themselves like they were in the height of peril..This documentary was probably the worst I have ever seen… just disjointed nonsense implying the severity of the measures taken on the vessel & the reactions of the people on the vessel who were in the documentary.

    I can't tell if they are documenting the seriousness of COVID or the seriousness off the public reacting like it's a huge concern. It isn't a good documentary at all though. Nothing but COVID propaganda.


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