The Last Letter From Your Lover | Official Trailer | Netflix

The forbidden love affair between a 1960s couple (Shailene Woodley and Callum Turner) is uncovered by an ambitious present-day journalist (Felicity Jones) after she finds a trove of secret love letters. Directed by Augustine Frizzell, adapted from Jojo Moyes’ sweeping, romantic novel, and also starring Joe Alwyn and Nabhaan Rizwan.

Watch The Last Letter From Your Lover on Netflix July 23.


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The Last Letter From Your Lover | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. E Z
    E Z says:

    Well the movie and the cast are great. But this is a story about cheating and in today's day is glamorized as a love story. She could have divorced her husband and continued with the one she fell in love with. It would have been more honest and sincere. It is not fun being cheated on and it is not right to mask it as romance under beautifully written letters. Cheating is never justifiable, the pain created by this action is almost unberable and its devastation remains with the involved person for ever. If you are not happy with someone please just explain it to them and leave, maybe just death hurts more as when someone you trusted betrayed that trust.

  2. wednesday adams
    wednesday adams says:

    I don’t watch romance movies or rom coms because they’re just not my personal taste. I do, however, like historical dramas and period pieces. Is this any good? Or is it just your run of the mill sappy film equivalent of a beach read?

  3. Olivia Campos
    Olivia Campos says:

    I hope i didn't let him go…it was my biggest regret…ohh mr.j i am praying for your happiness and good health and your family… i really believe that you are my soulmate…you are the only person in my whole life that everytime i was near to you i feel like i was being pulled towards you, i cannot explain why i experienced that to you only, it was very strange…and you are the only person that i had so much fun on texting and to converse with… my soulmate…

  4. Stephanie S.
    Stephanie S. says:

    I loved this movie so much until I watched it again and realized that they never addressed that friend who drove her to the train station and died in the accident. Not to mention the fact that she was willing to completely upend her daughter’s life for another man. After realizing that… kinda ruined it for me.

  5. Shalini Aarasinghe
    Shalini Aarasinghe says:

    I read the book before the movie came out. I had so much expectations for the movie cz the book was amazing. But sad to say I was very disappointed with the movie. Nothing like the book at all.

  6. Yeshia Mangubat
    Yeshia Mangubat says:

    Why did I just see this masterpiece only after a year later?! I didn't know it has a movie, I just bought the book and am not finished reading it yet but I will and soon gonna watch this movie

    PRERNA says:

    I just finished this movies and it was a fabulous romantic movie…. watch it if you want a emotional movie filled with passionate love…. it left me with teary eyes… the chemistry between the couple was too good.


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