The Leftovers Season 1: Trailer #2 (HBO)

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22 replies
  1. southern Hotmess
    southern Hotmess says:

    I loved this show… The first two seasons I was so addicted but when it took so long for season three to come out and then it just was too much for me to, it was like it was through together and say ok here it is and it's over… Guess I was hoping for more

  2. jj McCary
    jj McCary says:

    People! This is not just a show. This WILL happen i promise you. Movies and tv shows are leading you into the great deception. They will blame the dissappearance on aliens. This is why the Pentagon has a deadline of June 1 2021 to release all they have kept from us on aliens and ufos. They will say the Rapture ( dissappearance of Christians)spoken of in the bible was an alien abduction.

  3. You Me
    You Me says:

    The rapture is coming & there will be those that rejected Christ will be left behind. What is coming is going to be like nothing ever seen. Repent from your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior now!! There is no time left. We are living the end of times! God gives you the freedom to decide but when you find yourself still here after many go missing remember this day and having been given the opportunity to be saved.

  4. Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams says:

    One of the dumbest shows I’ve ever seen, only reason I’m watching it is I’m out of shows to watch…About as entertaining and thoughtful as watching paint dry. I absolute hate the cops wife, took her daughter burning in a house for her to (with a long delay) finally speak a word. Psychotic b hope she goes rip


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