The Leisure Class: Trailer (HBO)

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HBO Films and the executive producers of Project Greenlight present The Leisure Class, premiering Monday November 2 on HBO.

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24 replies
  1. HB Mouse
    HB Mouse says:

    Jason's first mistake was not going digital. This type of film required more time to make a rounded polished film. Huge mistake Jason! Another thing "The flip" (car accident) would not made a difference in this film. The dialogue is what's important and the actors performance. That is were Jason didn't get it when professional's in the field with experienced were advising him and he failed to use that knowledge. Hence it affected the film. The actors saved your butt Jason! Bell's performance was brilliant and aided in the story line of the film. Performance of the (dad) absolutely spot on! Replacing the word "dick" to "prick" did make a better impact during that seen. The film started off very slow and boring but the actor's performances and adding lines such as, the one Len told Jason to put in helped the viewer understand. I hope Jason Learned from this experience.

  2. HB Mouse
    HB Mouse says:

    This is my first watching Project Greenlight. I learned so much about film making and the process that occurs behind the camera. This is a very good documentary and did not appear as a reality TV show. I hope HBO considers doing another one. HBO president Len was very forgiving and understanding with Jason. I agree Jason has a gift but if he remains to be narcissistic then he will have a very short career in the movie field. I hope Jason reflects and learns from this incredible opportunity he was given.

    Effie well done! When you go back and review the episodes, I am confident you will learn from some things that could have gone better in terms of communication. Thank you for bringing skilled devised professionals to the for front of the making movies/films. You have lunched an outstanding platform of awareness in the film industries into a progressive equal opportunities for women and minorities. Matt Damon poor judgement and remarks further validated you!

  3. KRUSTYskates
    KRUSTYskates says:

    i had such high hopes for Jason at the beginning. Then he turned out to be an entitled brat. Whining about film, not getting exactly what he wanted and NOT taking into account the advice from PROFESSIONALS. I enjoyed Delicacy and his finalist scene because of his unique style from the rest, but this just seems like a commercial rehash. Nothing new about the story and the only funny bits were the improv which came from the actors, not Jason. He wanted to fire Pete cause he didnt want to do a commercial piece but THATS EXACTLY WHAT HE DID.

  4. naomiam
    naomiam says:

    The director delivered a polished looking product. And the designers and cast are clearly talented. The most glaring tonal miss was the music. This trailer was more successful on this count than the film itself. It led me to believe the actual film would be better. It also pained me to watch the director treat Effie so poorly. A more spectacular car crash was important, but it was in poor taste to take the budget needed for reshoots for granted while casting his clearly conscientious and highly capable line producer as an enemy without respect for his story.

  5. Steve D
    Steve D says:

    For those who say this movie is crap. Thats because you don't understand it. I understand it. Some people cant leave others alone. We all have a sibling in our families who we cant stand or we don't want around.

  6. Samuel English
    Samuel English says:

    From the very second I saw the brother character on the show I hated him and didn't think he was funny. The second jason asked to shoot on film they should have canned him and went with chris. Jason was nothing but bad vibes from the start and I imagine the rest of the top 10 are fuming over what shlock this is.

  7. Film Feline
    Film Feline says:

    I was just going to say that Trisha Lily, no reason why, but the screenplay reminds me of Italian/ British style humor, something like Johnny Stechino … I think it was a good idea that they changed the script choice to this, but I think it was rude to dis the Fer.bros and I am not all that sure I like the 'king' attitude, though Jason is obviously gifted, a decent director trusts the crew and cast know their jobs. I in team. Wish I had that kind of cash to finish my film 🙁

  8. ferlinmarcini
    ferlinmarcini says:

    I dont really see the film halation effect.. Since its shot on film, they should really exaggerate the halation effect..
    Also notice there wasnt much detail in the black areas of the film. I wonder if its because of using film?

  9. FilmMagician
    FilmMagician says:

    0% on Rotten Tomatoes 3/10 on imdb. That's what happens when you pick a pretentious skeleton that obsesses with the wrong stuff. Crying about shooting on film for 4 episodes, when he should have been learning how to write, interact with people, and collaborate. Sucks the wrong guy got picked this season. Hope that movie humbled him

  10. Luis Mendoza
    Luis Mendoza says:

    This is a student film, it should stream from some university's obscure website, not from HBO!!. After watching the entire season of Project Greenlight and this movie, I can't believe is so bad, and there are scenes where Director Jason Mann is discussing with the director of HBO movies about the "musicality" of a scene, when Mann obviously has no idea of what that is!! there is no rhythm, no cohesion nor solidity, and the only good twist, Fionna's final scene, wasn't even in the original script, it was added by HBO later to try to save the movie!! there is nowhere to pass the bucket, it was Jason Mann's script, cast, direction and final cut. Time to get a real job!! I heard Servers and bartenders make good money!!


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