The Lincoln Lawyer | Official Trailer | Netflix

When his former law partner is killed, Mickey Haller is left to take over the firm, including a high-profile murder trial. With the biggest case he’s ever had to tackle out of the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car, Mickey discovers there may be more at stake than he thought. Based on the bestselling novels by Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer premieres May 13 on Netflix.

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The Lincoln Lawyer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sidelined after an accident, hotshot Los Angeles lawyer Mickey Haller restarts his career — and his trademark Lincoln — when he takes on a murder case.

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  1. Cheryl Smith
    Cheryl Smith says:

    Lousy acting from most of the cast,,,well written tho,,just no talent actors Exception:(Neve Campbell) What pissed me off was the lead character,,,Hispanic with a Scottish accent. But he lived in LA all his life? Get real…Producers,,Director, ,,QUIT,,, you made very bad choices here. Your actors were lazy, unbelievable and even boring.The uses of backround music did not drown this out for me. Spend more money next time! Shout out to Netflix,,,you need to make better choices also.

  2. God's Beloved
    God's Beloved says:

    This is how a trailer should be… Giving nothing away, but capturing you to want to know more.

    It was a great series… I'm glad it is based in a series of books, which means more seasons coming.

  3. Southern California
    Southern California says:

    This show really reflects a great Los Angeles lawyer I knew, his name was Anthony Brooklier, he represented me in a Federal violation case, I was his last case before Heidi Fleiss, I was going to be on the chain to Lompoc Penitentiary the next day, so on the day he was suppose to see me, the heidi broke I saw on TV and he didn't make it, but he was a friend, i would see him at his night clubs. He was like this, he never charge me a fee, may he RIP, but this reminds me of the good soul he was.

  4. Ryan Sneider
    Ryan Sneider says:

    I'm on episode 2 and find it very annoying that 2 main male characters whisper everything they say lol….Cisco and the detective…volume up volume down , volume up volume down

  5. Aisha
    Aisha says:

    This could go on for 6-7 seasons if they keep mystery, problem solving and interesting court cases.

    Back and forth with exes is boring. It’s bound to happen in a series but they need flings and sexual tension that leads to serious relationships, to make it the romantic aspect more interesting.

    Working his way up to create a fancy law firm would be interesting.

    Accidents that lead to memory loss and the person ending up in a wheelchair, and the death of a main character, is so overdone and lame at this point.

  6. Martin JTR
    Martin JTR says:

    The story is good but whoever decide to cast Manuel Gracia-Rulfo (Inclusion or diversity?) made a big mistake, I could give them way better and more intense Mexican Actors than Manuel, I'm a big fan of the books but a I don't recall Mickey being Half Mexican, Manuel accents and diction are all over the place, sometimes he tried to sound like Anglo-Saxon and sometimes he talks like a ''Cholo'' with marbles in his mouth, the whole series look like a cheap copy of Bosch (Mickey Half Brother),the other actors are great especially Neve Campbell but I hope they do a better job in the 2nd season….

  7. Aisha
    Aisha says:

    Pleaseeee add more episodes in the second season. If this works well, you could make a spin off series or another law series with the same actors.


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