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Watch the new The Little Prince trailer from Paramount Pictures. Coming to theaters March 18, 2016!

Based on “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Official Selection – Festival de Cannes.

From Mark Osborne, Director of Kung Fu Panda

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44 replies
  1. Ruth Cole
    Ruth Cole says:

    This is a nightmare. This is as bad as the Disney version of The Little Mermaid. There is no little grrl or little grrl's mom in this story. This is like making Anderson's work about getting a date.
    I hate being unwelcoming to anybody's work…it looks like everybody involved in this was a wonderful person who did their best to do something good.
    But what the hell. I'm so angry.
    You know, do this…don't take some existing work and then just draw your own pictures all over it. Write something new and make it that. You ruined this book. YOU RUINED THIS BOOK.

  2. thisizmyname1
    thisizmyname1 says:

    Watched this last night. It's beautifully told, stunningly animated, and very respectful to the source material. The mother/daughter addition feels genuine. Only problem I had was the flow between the original story and the new additions, though it was minor. Also, the drunkard is missing from the film, though his asteroid does appear in the film twice as an homage. Overall, loved the film, and I think I'm going to go back and read the book again. Also, the film is extremely emotionally charged, so bring tissues.

  3. Faiz Ahmad
    Faiz Ahmad says:

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  4. OhGoodAFarce
    OhGoodAFarce says:

    I kept putting off watching this because I haven't read the book (literally all I knew about it was "a boy lives on a tiny planet") and Netflix's description wasn't really "pulling me in", so to speak. Finally watched it last night and thought it was /amazing/. Also spent about 70% of the movie in tears :p Might be my new favorite animated movie. (I think I might have liked it so much BECAUSE I've never read the book, so I wasn't mentally comparing scenes or anything.)

  5. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    To me, the real beauty of this story is in the imagination. It feels like you're not able to know who you are until you've reached the age where you wish you were the little boy/girl, a child with no purpose, but to use your imagination. The thing I'm the most proud of was my imagination. A child has the imagination to give themselves an entertainment no one could ever understand. The tragedy in it all is not being able to feel the simple joy of that imagination when you're no longer young. I try to thank my young imagination for giving a happiness I'll never experience in that way again.

  6. TheDarkFalcon
    TheDarkFalcon says:

    I never knew this movie existed, it looks pretty good, but I found it existed by SoundCloud autoplaying the song (from the movie) K.S Rhoads – Our Corner Of The Universe which is pretty nice 🙂


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