The Looming Tower • First Look Reveals The Story You Didn't Know

Acclaimed producers and stars of The Looming Tower describe how the series will be an untold story of the long road to 9/11. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Lawrence Wright. Series premieres February 28, only on Hulu.

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  1. Uno Dos
    Uno Dos says:

    They should execute all the idiots that failed on this… 9/11 basically happened because two dicks refused to work together. One was busy banging every slooze he could find behind his family's back, the other was some sort of weird prideful nerd. They ought to be cursed along with Bin Laden when folks remember 9/11.

  2. ZenGuyMax
    ZenGuyMax says:

    Larry Wright is a careful and thoughtful investigative journalist, and Alex Gibney is one of the most cutting documentary filmmakers in the business (He made "Taxi to the Dark Side," "We Steal Secrets," and "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room," for goodness sakes!), so to call this project "Hollywood Fluff" or "Government Propaganda" sight unseen smacks of ignorance and arrogance. Wright's book on Scientology ("Going Clear") and their subsequent HBO doc cut that organization to the bone. So give the guys a chance and some respect, please.

    I certainly don't buy all of the 9/11 "Official" theory, either, but Wright's book is an honest synthesis of HIS UNDERSTANDING of "What went wrong" based on extensive interviews with many of the major players in the FBI, the Bush Administration, the NSA, and the CIA.

    Now, whether they actually told him the TRUTH about everything or not, is something we CAN debate! (Keep in mind, though, NO Poly-Sci scholars of note have ever thought that the CIA or the FBI were "well-oiled machines," so SOME degree of mismanagement, incompetence, and lack of communication isn't exactly far-fetched — A view accepted by the likes of Noam Chomsky, let's not forget).

  3. John Sandy
    John Sandy says:

    Lord, Beam Me Up. There are fewer and fewer intelligent life forms on this planet! The FSB, formerly called the KGB must surely have used BOTs to post a number of these comments. No intelligent, objective thinking American would write such drivel. The First Amendment still ensures your right to express your thoughts but it does not give you the purview to be delusional, paranoid and stupid. Read the damn book before you dispense your scatterbrained rubbish!

  4. Ivanhoe 2020
    Ivanhoe 2020 says:

    US don't make the effort to learn other cultures and languages compared to the countries and
    those enemies who learn about US. The scariest is that nowadays US society did not learn a thing from
    the past as such and beyond any doubt the past will be repeated again in the future in a form or an
    other ! A superficial society too lazy to learn from the past . The birth of radical Islamic movement is
    direct result and product of failed US , Israeli and Western politics and politicians . Why this did not
    happen in Russia or China but time again in America ?

  5. Jimmie Smith
    Jimmie Smith says:

    It's like there are a few among (The FBI) who is after facts & truth to save American lives, but is being hindered by other Heads of the FBI….Another (The CIA) obstructing, manipulating & Shielding information creating Clear & Present Danger for Americans…And a POS Ambassador Power Tripping who don't know chit paving the way for Terrorists to successfully carry out destruction upon America.

    Thus the few faithful FBI who want to get to the bottom of things are being obstructed by Secret Societies in our government who don't give a F.


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