The Manor – Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Manor comes to Prime Video October 8th.

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The Manor – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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38 replies
  1. thebigfatnick
    thebigfatnick says:

    discussting horrible self centered movie destorting peoples minds into thinking you want to have a young body that lives forever only at night and nothing ells for the future…Im glad I die and not have to live in a world where people think like that is happiness.

  2. Ali
    Ali says:

    C'est de la MARDE la fin c'est poche en tabarnak pourquoi le monde est cave comme sa a ne pas écouter pour pas être dessus pour le reste de la soirée

  3. sudilos117
    sudilos117 says:

    Satanic recruitment video , the ending is trash. She was never afraid of growing old and slipping away.

    She was afraid of the soul eating monster. None ever mention the fate of the Nurse but her precious necklace means she never came back for it.

  4. Chris Baker
    Chris Baker says:

    How many times is blumhouse going to put out the same movie? 98% of their movies have the exact same plot. Main character experiences paranormal events, then does research (usually a quick google search) to find out that the paranormal activity is some sort of demon being summoned by other characters in the movie who turn out to be practicing occult rituals. Then, the main character uses said google research to figure out how to destroy or trick the demon, and does so. No important characters die, and everyone lives happily ever after

  5. Hot Choco
    Hot Choco says:

    I wasn't that impressed with the acting nor the "twist" at the end of the movie… It had a lot of potential and I loved the fact that the mc was an elderly person for once, but it just started to feel flat at some point, very dissapointed. Barbara Hershey is gorgeous tho

  6. Dani Aerts
    Dani Aerts says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song the grandson is playing on his headphones, it's around 36min into the movie, I can't find it with the lyrics and it's driving me nuts… (cauldrons boiling on a moonless night)

  7. Jeremiah Taylor
    Jeremiah Taylor says:

    awesome movie! SPOILER ALERT!!

    i was so glad they decided to join the "tree of life". any granny/grandson would do that. especially those ones that have the relationship they had. i would have done it for my granny in a heartbeat.


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