The Map of Tiny Perfect Things – Official Trailer

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things tells the story of quick-witted teen Mark, contentedly living the same day in an endless loop whose world is turned upside-down when he meets mysterious Margaret also stuck in the time loop. Mark and Margaret form a magnetic partnership, setting out to find all the tiny things that make that one day perfect. What follows is a love story with a fantastical twist, as the two struggle to figure out how – and whether – to escape their never-ending day.

Starring: Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen

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32 replies
  1. Veerendra Ingale
    Veerendra Ingale says:

    Whenever i finish a movie/series that i like, i watch YouTube videos about it and go to the comment section to find a secret tiny community who have shared an experience with you and in a weird way you get to understand what everyone went through in this shared experience. This was one such movie.

    This is my first such comment lol. Who knows if someone else relates to this. Ceeyaaaaaa!

  2. Maria Munoz
    Maria Munoz says:

    I didn’t like the movie. Usually I like the whole concept of time loop. But this movie didn’t deliver it for me. It was really boring the first hour. I watched recently Chinese series called Reset(YouTube), and it’s a series when this girl wakes up on the bus which is gonna blow up later and she keep’s reliving the same day with another passenger who will help her discover who is the bomber on the bus. It has romance,it has action,it has endless plot twists, amazingly stunning visually,sound effects. That’s what I am looking for in a movie. I like Kyle Allen,he did deliver it on his part,but the movie itself wasn’t that great. Not memorable,would not watch it second time. And slow paced movies are really not a problem for me,but seriously nothing happens in more then 1 hour of duration of the movie.

  3. bill45colt
    bill45colt says:

    annnnd i even made my movie debut in it!!! At the beginning,,,when he is riding his bicycle through town he meets a white garbage truck coming toward him in the approaching lane. As the truck passes, he throws his drink can into the rear of the truck. As the camera follows the action toward the truck rear, you can see past it to two guys waiting on the street corner to cross. The white headed guy in tan slacks and blue shirt is me!!! WOW what a star!!! HAHA seriously,,,we shot that scene 8 times before they were happy with it. And it took nearly 3 hrs. All in all, i learned a lot, met lots of hard working people, and learned a bit about how much effort is done by many many people behind the scenes to get it all to fall in place. They paid us but it didnt cover my cost to drive to and from north alabama to fairhope where it was filmed, but id gladly do it again free if i had the chance. It was a great experience even though limited on my part. There is much cooperation and skill needed between sooo many production managers!!! Thanks to all for your hard work and for including me in my staring role!! HAHA

  4. Андрей Северный
    Андрей Северный says:

    Такая поебень! списано с фильма День сурка! Фильм для тупых жителей юэса, для России очень далеко и не понятно, видимо мы более грамотные, хрень полная! потеря времени, сюжет остановился на блондинке!

  5. Upasana Bharti
    Upasana Bharti says:

    "Time is the stuff when you spent you don't get it backkk!!!!!"……a serene and gentle reminder for me from this movie…..just learn to……never be back never ever never in your life never and that's how is U are living ever!✨

  6. seonhomyeon
    seonhomyeon says:

    This movie is actually good than I expected. Its just about living your life to the fullest. Making use of your time to be with your loved ones. And that if you are not going to move on you are going to lose yourself. I love the story. Just simple yet heartwarming.


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