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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, from renowned creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Daniel Palladino, is written and directed by Sherman-Palladino and Palladino, stars Emmy-winner Rachel Brosnahan, four-time Emmy-winner Tony Shalhoub, two-time Emmy-winner Alex Borstein, Emmy-nominee Marin Hinkle, Michael Zegen, Kevin Pollak, Caroline Aaron, and Emmy-winner Luke Kirby.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S4 – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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20 replies
  1. Marlynne K
    Marlynne K says:

    It's gotten so stupid it's hard to watch. They jumped the shark after season 2. When the mom went to Paris I knew we were in trouble. Now it's trying too hard. And where is Lenny? Lenny should not be just a cameo.

  2. Yohan
    Yohan says:

    anyone know what song played at 35:28 in season 4 episode 6?
    its bugging me, it sounds soo good, the chinese song that plays as the scene changes into joel's club where suzie meets joel.
    ive tried find the song, first through audio detecting apps and then by the lyrics i listened to, yet nothing, the only good result was to chang loo's song tiao yi ge man bo, that is the wrong song entirely.

  3. Elena K.
    Elena K. says:

    Out of all the seasons I think that this is the one I could relate with Midge the most. I am at that point in my life where things aren't very good job wise or money wise, while at the same time it seems like I am finally getting my head start. Every day is the same, although some feel like a success and some like a complete failure. I think that suprisingly it's season 4 where we see Midge at her lowest and most lost, which finally grounds her as a truly realistic character that it trying to make in the comic business. I loved the ending too, I feel like Midge is finally realising that she besides being charismatic and funny she is also very stubborn and can be selfish too and that she doesn't know everything about how to make it in this business. 8 episodes weren't enough, i am looking forward to season 5 so much!

  4. Michael Knight
    Michael Knight says:

    This show is ok, but are we supposed to like Midge? 

    *She’s got an entitled mentality.
    She thinks she can just walk into a career doing exactly what she wants. "No opening acts". Who does she think she is? You could be the most talented person on the planet, you still need to pay your dues and earn your place in the spotlight.
    *She doesn’t really hold herself accountable for her behaviour/mistakes.
    Childishly messing with Shy’s wedding decor because he ditched her (for jeopardising his career image).
    *She became a mistress/the other woman when she fell into bed with a man she met in the park and knew NOTHING about. That was entirely avoidable and she bears part of the responsibility.
    *After being told not to be coarse, she ruined an upmarket gig when she disclosed that tacky behaviour. The term, "Read the room" is lost on her. 
    She seems to think she can blithely waltz through life. She will judge and hold others accountable, but not herself.
    I predict she’ll be outraged and act the fool when Lenny abuses drugs or cheats on her, despite the fact that she’s SEEN his propensities.

  5. jpan
    jpan says:

    This show is amazingly clever. Love everything Amazon Studios is producing. I’m caught up to season 4. Once I’m done with season 4 I think I’ll binge on all four seasons all over again. I can’t get enough. Jews truly are God’s people.

  6. Scot Michael Walker
    Scot Michael Walker says:

    On episode 3 – the writing is so so good this season! Well done! The art direction, cinematography, wardrobe are all 10s. And the acting, of course, is perfect. A special season for a special show.


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