The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Winner of 16 Emmy Awards and 3 Golden Globes, watch the Season 3 trailer for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Season 3 premieres December 6, 2019.

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About The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:
In 1958 New York, Midge Maisel’s life is on track- husband, kids, and elegant Yom Kippur dinners in their Upper West Side apartment. But when her life takes a surprise turn, she has to quickly decide what else she’s good at – and going from housewife to stand-up comic is a wild choice to everyone but her. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is written and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls).

About The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3:
Midge and Susie discover that life on tour with Shy is glamorous but humbling, and they learn a lesson about show business they’ll never forget. Joel struggles to support Midge while pursuing his own dreams. Abe embraces a new mission and Rose learns she has talents of her own.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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36 replies
  1. MsDreamscaper
    MsDreamscaper says:

    Everyone in the cast and the characters are wonderful. There is great music. I loved seeing the women explore their opportunities this season. i am excited and looking forward to Season 4 of this awesome show.

  2. Joe M
    Joe M says:

    I must say this season was wonderful, putting aside the dad thing, I really liked it. All the scenes were as if they were dancing, so perfectly choreographed. The music was amazing as well. Technically it was the best of all the seasons, when it comes to the plot maybe not as good as the others but equally enjoyable. Really looking forward for the next season

  3. Redhead Commando
    Redhead Commando says:

    Usually LOVE this series but VERY DISAPPOINTED in the political tone taken in Season 3 Episode 7!!! And "Lean In"??? I thought you were trying to create an era! Shame on the writers…and actors! LEAVE POLITICS OUT OF ENTERTAINMENT!

  4. Jessica Genotiva
    Jessica Genotiva says:

    I never thought that a fictional character from an underrated period comedy would be my role model. Seriously, this show needs more attention internationally! I can't wait for season 4. God bless the creators!

  5. ARJEL
    ARJEL says:

    People comment hate joel, honestly on first season i dont like him, but i appreciate his effort to correct his mistake. My ex bf cheated on me and left me, this change my whole life, im so devastated, when i see joel and his effort that someone made me think that i wish my ex do that but he did not.

  6. Before Movies Sucked!
    Before Movies Sucked! says:

    Lol, did you delete my comment, Amazon Prime Video? I praised The Marvelous Mrs Maisel! I just also happened to mention how much more the hateful, awful "Hunters" stinks when compared to the glory that is Midge Maisel… God bless! 😉


    Midge has alot of men in her life.. not particularly suitors
    But there's something about Lenny Bruce
    Their brief moments has so much more chemistry than any of the other two men
    The unspoken bond of Midge and Lenny
    Oh , it's marvelous

  8. Mark Z
    Mark Z says:

    Cool & funny show!!!

    Started watching a couple months ago. Now just finished up to S3 E3. I never knew Borstein could play this type of character. Tony Shalhoub, I love ya, but all I see now is Adrien Monk… he still has some of Monk’s quirks in Abe. Even Midge’s mom is funny too. But, I think, along with everyone here apparently I can’t get enough of Lenny Bruce. Dude who plays him is a scene stealer. Midge is the best thing on the show no doubt, but Lenny is loads of fun to watch. Benjamin (Shazam guy) was fine, with more style than substance… he played the part.

    The only thing I can’t stand from the show even early in 3rd season is Joel. The schmuck!!! I don’t care if he’s making up for it. Maybe I have something against guys that look like him with slicked back hair. Joel would probably be an ok friend, but Midge deserves better! Maybe I need to see the Joel actor in other shows before I write off the actor too.
    Also, maybe I understand Sophie Lennon’s routine in how she is supposed to appear to be funny in the 50s/60s but at the same time appear oh so lame and repetitive in comparison to the other acts (mainly Midge) and leaves myself wondering how in the world anyone actually laughs at that boring stuff. You only laugh because it’s stupid silly…not haha funny a la Miriam. This is a comedy series, I get it! But holy cow Sophie is so lame you laugh I guess. Now I have to look up if Sophie is based on an actual person.

    Thanks Rachel Brosnahan, Alex Borstein, Tony Shalhoub, the Lenny Bruce actor, and of course amazon for green lighting this show!!! Awesome writers and producers!!

    Keep it up!!!

    P.S. — Needs more Lenny…lots more Lenny!!!

  9. Cassie Wonderlake
    Cassie Wonderlake says:

    Wow, just wow. I thought I was enjoying this crazy, mediocre little show until I was deeper in to it. Talk about a left wing, mind fart. Nothing says, lets slam the conservative folks of this great country. Let's insert little brain washing digs in to our little so called comedy. I overlooked some of the digs but in season three, episode 7 you left wing nut, narrow minded asses really did it. I'm done. No more Mrs. F**king Maisel. I refuse to finish this half baked, mediocre piece of horse SH8T!!! I'll be letting people know that haven't watched it to NOT watch. #MAGA2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Comfort Road Sessions
    Comfort Road Sessions says:

    Season 2 trailer was released October 24, 2018 and Season 3 trailer was released October 14th, 2019. Both seasons were available to stream at the beginning of December for their prospective years. I had anticipated that Season 4 would follow the same trajectory as those previous, however as there are only two days remaining in October 2021 and still no trailer for Season 4 I’m beginning to doubt that we’ll get Season 4 until early 2022? On the other hand – Maisel is a strong Golden Globe contender so I think for it to be in the running for the next awards season Amazon will have to release the series before the end of this year. There is still hope!


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