The Minimalists: Less Is Now | Official Trailer | Netflix

They’ve built a movement out of minimalism. Longtime friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus share how our lives …

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  1. Brian Vassallo MUSIC
    Brian Vassallo MUSIC says:

    Watched both films. I think the idea of practicing minimalism, can be applied to many aspects of our daily life. Before I watched this or discovered The minimalists, I was already trying to figure out how to minimize things, perhaps starting with my music studio setup.

  2. Denisa
    Denisa says:

    I see minimalism as quality in any kind of way. For example, don't buy 10 t-shirts which you don't really like, or not that much, maybe you do that because you think "you don't have money". Buy 1 quality t-shirt which you really like, and feel good when you wear it, even if you could buy 10 with that money. Like stop buying things that you don't really value. When you see that you start to accumulate things just sell or donate the one you don't use anymore, and focus on the what you have and like and you are happy at the moment. If you like 10 cups instead of 3, it's ok, you can have those but use it and enjoy. Everyone see the quality different, but the idea is to not compare yourself to others and dreaming at something that you or can't have, or if you have it you will be happy and appreciate it untill you see something else to dream about. Even if you buy a thing (even if someone else could see it as a shit), be happy for it. Be intentional with anything you do, even the smallest things, and don't get attached to things. Make money not for things, because everyone buy or you "should have" but because you give meaning to them and you are happy buying them.

  3. Forrest
    Forrest says:

    So throwing away useless shit and decluttering your house is some sort of spiritual journey to happiness and enlightenment? Why do people watch shit like this.

  4. William W
    William W says:

    There's a whole movement behind this called minimalism. It started in the 60s and there's a few documentaries on it. Interesting, but not my bag. The guy would have 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and that's it.

  5. sarnobat2000
    sarnobat2000 says:

    I'm watching this documentary right now and it's not resonating with me. It feels like it's oriented towards idiots who mindlessly accumulate, and you can just tell them to close their eyes and dump everything in the trash with no empathy. Maybe that works for others but not for me.

  6. Sameer Arora
    Sameer Arora says:

    Good that what Bharata is saying from millenias is now produced in a so called cool,modern tounge . Practicing minimalism or the original ( detached life in Indian philosophy) for long term rather than just new fashion or trend requires self awareness and awareness of the universal being , the higher consciousness called Brahma .

  7. Matthew Beyer
    Matthew Beyer says:

    Just watched this on Netflix…their message is great and I'm on board but I'm not a fan of these two! They over sell it! Personally!.. They come across as fake and acting! Yes it is a movie… They spent so much time using eye contact, hand gestures, speeding up and slowing down of vocal deliveries…yes this works in a presentation with a live audience but in this documentary! They come across as obviously fake untrustworthy salesman type! I wish they did a better job selling it to a mass audience because it is a solid thought experiment that can make a huge difference…. somebody please spread this message better than these two actors!


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