The Mitchells vs. The Machines (Formerly Connected) | Official HD Trailer | Sony Pictures Animation

Saving the world can be a trip. Watch the official trailer for #TheMitchellsvsTheMachines, from the minds behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Coming this year to Netflix.

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The Mitchells vs. The Machines is an original animated comedy about an everyday family’s struggle to relate while technology rises up around the world! When Katie Mitchell (voiced by Abbi Jacobson), a creative outsider, is accepted into the film school of her dreams, her plans to meet “her people” at college are upended when her nature-loving dad Rick (voiced by Danny McBride) determines the whole family should drive Katie to school together and bond as a family one last time.

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  1. Kevin Lockhart
    Kevin Lockhart says:

    The title was formly named The Mitchells vs the Machines but was changed to Connected after Sony gave the Movie to Netflix and they brought the Original name back instead of the New Title

  2. Tashana Swarbrick
    Tashana Swarbrick says:

    The true meaning to meet a pal robot summary
    A family called the Mitchell's go on a road trip in the year 35 million but they are interrupted with a robot apocalypse but they need to save the day and they me to friendly robots named Joe and Samantha together the Mitchells and the robots fight against the bad ones and they save the day for Humanity being blasted into outer space by pile is not good

  3. Wil Bourke
    Wil Bourke says:

    This movie pulled an Arby’s by
    1. Following a recent marketing trend people hate (in this case, Connected)
    2. Regretted that and went back to just keeping the old title/logo design

  4. Danny Lee
    Danny Lee says:

    I can’t believe they got canceled in theaters because the Covid-19 and they released it on Netflix. But hopefully they’ll have it on Blu-ray and DVD and Digital download purchase.


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