THE MUNSTERS Trailer (2022)

Official The Munsters Movie Trailer 2022 | Subscribe ➤ | Jeff Daniel Phillips Movie Trailer | Digital: September 2022 | More
Reboot of “The Munsters”, that followed a family of monsters who moves from Transylvania to an American suburb.

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The Munsters (2022) is the new comedy movie starring Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie and Jorge Garcia.

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29 replies
  1. Papaw Shane
    Papaw Shane says:

    Wow, every single part of this movie, other than some of the black and white shots, looks like garbage. Go back and look at the original show, it's far better looking than this. I mean, this looks like Rob Zombie, got all his tips and trick of making this movie, from Tommy Wiseau. Actually, that's not fair to Tommy Wiseau, his stuff is way better than this.

    Also, it's a good thing Sheri Moon Zombie can count on nepotism winning herself a role, otherwise, no one would even know who she was. I loved a couple of Rob Zombie films. House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, I even enjoyed both Halloween movies, but I am not sure hat he's thinking here, with this pile of Junk. Between the way it looks and the absolute terrible acting from Sherri Moon Zombie, this crap isn't good enough for straight to video, or the Dollar General DVD bin by the front door.

    Here's what I keep hoping. These trailers are made this way on purpose, and the actual movie will look amazing. Fingers crossed the movie is nothing like this crap pile.

  2. Bogey Man
    Bogey Man says:

    I will give Daniel Roebuck credit. he does a pretty good Al Lewis. However, the guy they cast as Herman is nothing like Fred Gwynne. Like…not a trace of the original character. I'm disgusted by his performance

  3. Jiren
    Jiren says:

    Rob posted this on his Facebook page.

    "How the hell did everyone get the idea that The Munsters cost 40 millions dollars? Fuck, I wish I had that kind of budget.

    To put a little perspective on it all if you add up the budgets of Halloween 2, The Lords of Salem, 31, 3 From Hell and The Munsters all together it wouldn't even add up to 30 million.

    Also the movie was never going to theaters or Peacock or Paramount. It was always being made for Netflix which is fine since it is the largest of the streaming services. This was done way before I ever got involved in the project. I have no control or say over this type of stuff. This is a Universal deal.

    But the internet loves to invent rumors which somehow turns to facts so the fans can get all bend out of shape.

    None of this actually matters but thought you might like the real story.


  4. AngryAtheist
    AngryAtheist says:

    AAAANNNDDD of course, Rob Zombie wrecks the Munsters, just like everyone else. FUCK, can't people just do it properly? Grandpas makeup is just fucking stupid and Hermans voice is goddamn dumb. He sounds like an 80's nerd. WTF MAN.I feel like killing something…………or someone.


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