The Murders at Starved Rock | Official Trailer | HBO

The whole truth has yet to be uncovered.

The Murders at Starved Rock, an HBO original documentary that follows David Raccuglia’s investigation into whether Chester Weger is responsible for the brutal murders of three women at Starved Rock State Park 60 years ago, premieres December 14 at 8PM on HBO Max.

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26 replies
  1. J S
    J S says:

    Steve Stout has been the coolest substitute English teacher of my time at OTHS. This man gave me a grade (A) on a D&D campaign. Absolute legend.

  2. Let No
    Let No says:

    Amazing how reasonable Rod Thorson tried to come off in this film. Normally he will not entertain anyone's opinion that doesn't agree with his. Can't wait to see this. Steve Stout promoting his book again.

  3. D B
    D B says:

    FALSE! No one is scared to go to Starved Rock. People flock there for the trails, waterfalls, and picnics. It’s a beautiful area. Most of the time you struggle to find a parking spot. I am from Illinois..

  4. NightMaster
    NightMaster says:

    Most people today in IL havent even heard of these murders and therefore arent afraid of going to Starved Rock.

    One time when I was at Starved Rock, I wanted to look at one of the trail maps that are located at different points on every trail. I couldn't see the map because there were too many people in the way. So I said to my buddy "That's St. Luois Canyon where they found the 3 murdered women!" Everyone cleared and some old housewife gave me a look of disgust. I'm positive they just thought I was just trying to say something false and disturbing. But little do they k ow it's true like most clueless visitors.

    You can tell people are clueless because every time I go into St Loius Canyon, there are people, especially kids, sitting in the small enclave that the 3 bodies were found. Most people wouldn't do that if they knew its history.

  5. Stacey Mounce
    Stacey Mounce says:

    I live near here. I don’t know anyone who is scared to go. I do remember going on a field trip and hiking down to St. Louis Canyon and then having one of the teachers gather us where the bodies were found to take a group picture and then tell us three people were murdered right where we were sitting, which as little kids, most of us didn’t know anything about this. We stood in the canyon as teachers told us about the murders and then walked out of the canyon and ate lunch. I have had many field trips to Starved Rock, but that was the most memorable.

  6. Jillian S
    Jillian S says:

    I've been to Starved Rock multiple times and its ALWAYS busy…No one is scared to go there! I didn't even know there were murders until this came out. I am getting married at Starved Rock later this year!

  7. No Touchy
    No Touchy says:

    the epitome of the neoliberals deconstruction of the achievements of their fathers.
    have a deep-seated resentment of your actual man of a father because you're a fey art school dilettante?
    just make a movie undermining your father's defining moment of convicting a degenerate murderer
    (and don't forget to make a significant portion of it about YOURSELF because "muh feelings muh childhood")

    this is why you are failing (as artists, as entire cable channels)… because you have lost touch.
    you have become a punchline to regular people. zero sarcasm.

  8. Tee
    Tee says:

    Spoiler Alert;

    Just so you know…this documentary does nothing to answer any questions about the murders. In fact, the last episode has them getting approval to access the evidence & run DNA tests. But, that's where it ends! Seriously!!?? You couldn't wait to end the documentary after you got the results!!??

  9. O.G. B West Side CHI
    O.G. B West Side CHI says:

    I grew up near Starved Rock when I was younger. No one has ever been scared to go there. Every single year, Kids from the suburbs and Chicago go down there and people ALWAYS go off the trails and people Die. Every. Single. Year.
    In the 90s it was always wide open, Now it’s so packed traffic stays backed up for miles, and it’s crazy to get in and around down there.
    The general consensus around Lasalle County and Starved Rock is that Chester Weber is in FACT Innocent!
    He was found Innocent by a Court and Released as well. They stole this man’s entire LIFE from him.


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