The Newsroom: Season 1 – Trailer #1 (HBO)

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The Newsroom: Season 1 – Trailer #1 (HBO)

43 replies
  1. واحد
    واحد says:

    didn't see this show but yeah why the fuck would anyone say USA is the greatest country ?

    this is so stupid there is plenty wrong thing with this shit country .
    for example :

    1- it steals other country's money and resource under the hood of ( anti terrorist ) 

    2- it is supports the fucking Israel to steel other people land and make the Palestinian looks like the bad people though they only defending their land … etc .

    3- it has false media and stupid people who believes the crap they see and hear from this media without questioning .

    4- the stupid Liberal culture make people behave worst than animals .

    so yeah USA is far far away from being the greatest country .

  2. TokyoKazama
    TokyoKazama says:

    Damn, all these comments show a lot of love for this show. I think I'll jump on it seeing as though I don't have many shows to follow. Can't believe this is the same idiot from Dumb and Dumber.

  3. Ayush Shah
    Ayush Shah says:

    This show has some of the greatest dialogues ever; seriously gripping television. I think this show could touch the echelons of greatness alongside Breaking Bad and House Of Cards as the best TV show once it's done.

  4. William Hamilton
    William Hamilton says:

    The question we should be asking is – Is this show is the reason that Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly are now under fire for their credibility?  They were old stories, and are now being researched by the other party to attack each other.  Maybe people are starting to see that news stations without credibility are worthless and maybe cause the news to be rebuilt more like the Newsroom.

    One can only hope

  5. Jacob Okerlund
    Jacob Okerlund says:

    This trailer sucks. But the show is fucking brilliant. The trailer advertises a show that isn't the show. So for anyone out there who sees this trailer and thinks "Not another overdone drama" Watch the first episode and give it a shot.

  6. John Nelson
    John Nelson says:

    As of April 2018 we sure could use a real ACN with a Newsroom and a Will McAvoy. I really enjoyed this program when it was on the air and I so miss it and Aaron Sorkin's point of view.

  7. David Ross
    David Ross says:

    What makes America? It's more than freedom. There are a lot of countries that have freedom. But a lot don't, especially religious freedom.

    America, your dreams can come true is big one.
    America, there is a reason why the American president is titled the leader of the freedom speaking world.
    America, because for the most part, religious freedom can not be legally infringed upon.
    America, you do not have to do what your parents do. There are countries that is the norm. To do anything but what they do, is difficult and likely frowned upon.
    America, because our economy is strong.

    Want me to go on?

  8. David Ross
    David Ross says:

    Btw there are reasons why America is not #1 in several areas. Which DOES NOT negate the importance of America or it being great.

    His speech on that would absolutely lose me as a listener because he straw man's her question. She didn't ask about America being #1 in several categories. She asked about America being the greatest which a country can be the greatest and still have numerous non #1 placements.


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