The Newsroom: Season 1 – Trailer #2 (HBO)

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The Newsroom: Season 1 – Trailer #2 (HBO)

24 replies
  1. Mauricio Lorca Muñoz
    Mauricio Lorca Muñoz says:

    "In the old days we did the news this well. You know how? We just decided to" should be the motto for any news channel in the world.
    I love this 5 chapters I have watched until now. I hope Aaron Sorkin will give us a lot more =)
    By the way, Sam Waterston is doing an amazing job.

  2. Donald Balsbaugh
    Donald Balsbaugh says:

    I just saw this trailer that was put on Facebook. I thought it was great and probably right on the money for e most part. BUT as a Viet Nam Veteran, it was ruined when I saw Jane Fonda in the trailer. She can kiss my red, white, and blue ass !!! SEMPER FI OORRAAHH

  3. Lukas
    Lukas says:

    I like the show. However, I wonder what Mr. Sorkin will do when he gets to a point where he has to bring in a news story that is still running & controversial.


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