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  1. Natashaa Xox
    Natashaa Xox says:

    (For the people commenting hate) the trailer really does the show an injustice, the programme it’s self is amazing. You can’t judge an entire show based off one trailer.

  2. VM
    VM says:

    I know this looks bad but it's a great TV show. It was one of my favourite shows growing up and it still is. Yes, the acting at times is not the best but keep in mind that this show was the first acting job that many of the cast members had and 99% of the first season was unscripted, they got given the scenarios and they just said and did what felt natural. Please give it a chance, it's funny, has great dances, fun music and it's easy to connect with the characters. My favourite 3 characters are James, Riley and West and you'll see why! It's a show you'll be addicted to or want to rewatch if you enjoy it


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