The OA: Part II | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

No one survives alone. The OA Part II coming March 22. Watch The OA only on Netflix:

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  1. BolusTube
    BolusTube says:

    This trailer was recommended on my YouTube feed, for brief moment I had a gasp and thought Netflix released season 3 trailer.
    Then reality hit hard.

  2. oo
    oo says:

    Every comment on every channel is why? Did netflix cancel the OA in some manner of form. Netflix is writing season 3 as we speak. Im not buying they cancel it forever. They will use the pandemic etc for content. To much money involved. Season 3 will come out the summer of 2024!!!!!!! Just watch.

  3. Avery Colnite
    Avery Colnite says:

    Netflix, please produce, at the very least, a three-episode 3rd season or a feature-length movie for the OA.
    It's a great, intriguing story that deserves a much better conclusion. And I believe it's a move you won't regret all.

  4. Pauline Chartier
    Pauline Chartier says:

    Oh no! I just found OA and now I see that less than half the story will be told? Netflix, this is wrong. It really is. There is something twisted about a storytelling machine that won't finish a story. It's capricious and manipulative. Rethink this.


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