The Orville: New Horizons Sneak Peek | Arriving 6.2.2022 | Hulu

The Orville: New Horizons will now arrive on June 2. As a token of appreciation from all of us aboard #TheOrville, here’s a sneak peek at New Horizons.

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  1. chindleymuffin
    chindleymuffin says:

    What streaming service or channel will this show be on in the UK? As I have noticed that Hulu won't be launched in Europe any time soon. Will it be added to Disney Plus?

    I notice this new season will launch in the US the day before my birthday. Great stuff!

  2. Danly Estrella
    Danly Estrella says:

    i hope they make orville a powerful ship.. like a WARSHIP orville after travelling to other planets and acquiring powerful weapons… ORVILLE will come save everyone on earth..

  3. FalconFan4Life
    FalconFan4Life says:

    I hope you guys are serious about the return, "PICARD" (the best of this year's Star Trek only lasted 2 seasons) ST Discovery's 4th season was a complete yawner, so no big loss if they're thru. "Strange New World's" premiere offered nothing special, so the only redemption for Star Trek this year is "PRODIGY". PLEASE MAKE "New Horizons" more inviting.

  4. DONCHICHI vagabond
    DONCHICHI vagabond says:

    This show was held back because someone was upset they didn't have the ba anymore. Now its coming back because the world wants it and the pendulum has swung. Orville is going to become the standard of return. You have failed Hollywood and you have lost billions and we all enjoy your failures. Orville is a melody and it sings loud and clear!

  5. Joseph Carr
    Joseph Carr says:

    Ok I looked at like 500 comments and I guess I'm the first to ask this but, Why did Isaac turn into a zerg alien at the end there? LoL. I am thinking that the fear center of everyone's brain has been infiltrated maybe…

  6. Michael F
    Michael F says:

    LOVE this show, but come on over 3 years to make 10 episodes, since then they have done 2 seasons of Picard, 2 seasons of Star Trek Discovery and a new season of Brave new worlds each with 10 (Plus) episodes, I know McFarland is busy, but if he can not do it, hand it off to others who can and he can just come in act and we can have a new season of over 10 episodes yearly. PLEASE

  7. U.N. Owen
    U.N. Owen says:

    I'll be honest; I'm no fan of Mr Macfarlane's cartoon (I'm not going to explain why, it's quite clear from the many who also don't like it), so, when I first heard of The Orville, a few years ago, I was naturally sceptical.

    When I watched my first episode, a few months after it premiered on Hulu, I was… SHOCKED.

    In a good way.

    I don't think I'm the only person to notice how much this draws from (the original) Start Trek, in terms of both having writers who really like writing sci-fi, and three interpersonal relationships amongst the crew, and much more.

    MacFarlane's love of the original Trek is unabashedly written from stem-to-stern on this show.

    'Til the recent premiere of Star Trek Strange New Worlds, I would say this is the ONLY show to pick up mantle of THAT (particular) series, and do a show that's every bit as interesting, fun, re-watchable, thought-provoking, etc…if not more so, than the original (whilst I still love The Orville, I'm also thrilled that it's been joined in the cosmos by its progenitor, in a way, Strange New Worlds, and, if anything, I'm happy that space is big enough, and still, so unexplored for both ships).

    Though I understand the delays of bringing The Orville's new series' to air, I look forward to this (very!) long-awaited 3rd series of The Orville.

  8. W D
    W D says:

    Seems Seth forgot this was a comedy show. Not a single laugh in the entire episode. Now, it's just another Star Trek series, more liberal and preachy.

  9. tom a
    tom a says:

    season 4 can be made without macdonald, because yaphit can be wrote as "splitting" – which opens the opportunity bring in 2 other actors (1 that stays with the orville, another that goes elsewhere). this was covered in an earlier episode when looking at the picture of him and his brother who used to be their mother.


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