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Our return is imminent. #TheOrville New Horizons arrives June 2, only on Hulu.

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24 replies
  1. Hanni Halfer
    Hanni Halfer says:

    Hulu, we love you for saving The Orville, we would love you even more for season 4! <3
    7 seasons + a few movies and i will marry you!!!
    Besides my husband Seth MacFarlane 😉

  2. Айдар Юлушев
    Айдар Юлушев says:

    самый лучший сериал. я посмотрел 1-2 сезон за 1 день )))) в 3 сезоне 9 серий самый печальный для меня ((((( я так плакал прям в душу зашло ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( жаль так её (((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  3. consumoholic
    consumoholic says:

    this looks like someone who loves star trek simply copied it with new technology and unfitting actors. why should i watch this again instead of the OG stuff, especially it being macfarlanes dating display shoved up your throat, from what i read?

  4. mwells219
    mwells219 says:

    I lost interest in this show after they got rid of Alara. I refuse to watch shows that introduce good characters just to get rid of them. And Bortus got on my nerves.

  5. Josh Kennedy
    Josh Kennedy says:

    I would love to see an Orville, tng, voyager crossover during the time of the Orville Kaylon alliance and during Voyager's near end of season 3, or maybe season4 where a time travel accident opens a space rift and the Orville enters the star trek tng universe along with most of the Kaylon, and the enterprise from tng would show up too, Data meets Isaac, and the crews of all ships have to join together to fight off a huge borg invasion alongside species 8472, then seeing as the union is more powerful than the federation, they decide to share quantum drive technology and some other more advanced tech, the federation joins the union of the Orville parallel universe and the Union helps voyager get home. In the end, voyager the tng's enterprise now use quantum drive technology to go explore more of their own galaxy with the Union including all the Kaylon ready to assist and go along on a new adventure. Some stories could take place in either trek tng universe or Orville universe. It would be an excellent star trek tng orville crossover–maybe would make a great movie!

  6. Em Dee
    Em Dee says:

    So, a 3 year delay, 10 episodes is considered a season, and now it's in limbo again.
    Glad I didn't invest a lot of fan energy in this. I keep forgetting it's show BUSINESS.

  7. bassmanjr100
    bassmanjr100 says:

    Well, I’m 4 shows in and all I can say is disappointing. Feels like we are repeating the same old storylines. Way too much touchy feelings and little action and fun. Throw on top even more leftist, atheist drivel and you have yourself one bad show. I hope it gets better. I like some of the characters (the captain included) but the writing has to get better.

  8. Nathan's Stuff
    Nathan's Stuff says:

    Seth making something like this has kind of surprised me. Especially with how good it's been. Hope people have actually been watching it on Disney+, hopefully giving a reason for a fourth season to be greenlit


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