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Unleash the competition. On Nov. 20th, 12 teams of dogs and their human companions embark on a global adventure to compete in fun and exciting challenges that test the strength of their bonds.

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38 replies
  1. Trippy Kidd
    Trippy Kidd says:

    I am really hoping that there will be a second season! I loved the first season and got surprisingly emotional at the end of the season and when others got eliminated. I also loved that they traveled to so many places and will defiantly remember this TV series and will be really sad if there is not a second season.

  2. Victoria Ritter
    Victoria Ritter says:

    I watched it and I noticed that the blue pack challenges were so much easier than the green packs overall they won a most of the challenges I think it was set up to be this way and I don’t like it am I the only one who thinks this

  3. Sebastian
    Sebastian says:

    Im just wondering! We just get the news in Germany that’s Amazon stopped a new season because a lot of complaints from animal right organizations? Right step, just stress for the animals !!! Even saw behind the scenes where the dogs get in danger and hurt !!

  4. El Gato
    El Gato says:

    Putting dogs lives in danger for TV ratings isn't funny. The humans have protective gear and know what their getting into, the dogs have a lousy colorful vest jacket and no idea their human parent is putting their lives in danger for internet fame.

  5. How to:Guinea pigs
    How to:Guinea pigs says:

    The Pack is the best show ever, I FINALLY GOT TO MEET KENTUCKY AND DERBY!!! It was like my dream, I can’t wait to meet Mitra and boz, and Lucy, and snow! Please make a season two for kids!


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