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Bow to no one. The Princess starts streaming July 1 on Hulu.

An action-packed fight to the death set in a fairy tale world, “The Princess” is directed by Le-Van Kiet (“Furie”) and stars Emmy Award® nominee Joey King (“The Act,” “The Kissing Booth”) as a beautiful, strong-willed princess who refuses to wed the cruel sociopath to whom she is betrothed, and is kidnapped and locked in a remote tower of her father’s castle. With her scorned, vindictive suitor intent on taking her father’s throne, the princess must protect her family and save the kingdom. The movie also stars Dominic Cooper (“Preacher”), Olga Kurylenko (“Black Widow”), and Veronica Ngo (“The Old Guard”). “The Princess” is directed by Le-Van Kiet, written by Ben Lustig (“The Thirst”) & Jake Thornton (“Final Fantasy”), and produced by Neal H. Moritz (the “Fast and Furious” franchise), Toby Jaffe (“Total Recall”) and Derek Kolstad (“John Wick”), with Joey King and Guy Riedel (“Spectral”) serving as executive producers.

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  1. Leo Murray
    Leo Murray says:

    Really tried my best watching this.. Too over the top silly crap.. My ten year old daughter love it.. You know child's mind.. Even she thought it was silly.. I thought princess had superpowers first..

  2. Gamergeekenator
    Gamergeekenator says:

    Nice! Who doesn’t like a white male killing fest:o Edit: I was being sarcastic a little but after watching it, I liked it. Acting is very good, and you fall in love with her especially after you learn she has been training many years to be able to fight the way she does. Kudos to Hulu. This is not like Bat Woman or the like, she is her own creation. Creating new super hero’s is the right way to transition more female characters into these roles. Just taking Batman and making a Batgirl is not the way to empower the female super hero. This is a really good show with a fresh new female super hero. If you make a series it will rock. Xena lives on!

  3. LucianDevine
    LucianDevine says:

    The action scenes are pretty good as long as you can suspend some disbelief. They do at least show the training, but yeah she should get overpowered or ganged up on so many times, but movie. Pure action, no real plot, but the trailer basically advertises it as such. So if you go in expecting anything else, it's on you.

  4. Anony mousje
    Anony mousje says:

    This is really a fun movie to watch. King was esquisite during the fight scenes, as the fight choreography was smoothy done and filmed right.

    She also played this role charmingly well. Plot is a run-of-the-mill, but that isn't remotely a bad thing with this movie. The actors played their part amusingly well.

    If you like the straight-to-the-point-beat-em-up genre, then this is the type of movie that gets you going.

  5. Eva Donate
    Eva Donate says:

    I am a fan of Joey King. She is a good and charismatic actress and obviously very athletic. However, this movie is soooo dumb! There’s perhaps 10 minutes of dialogue and the rest is mostly her fighting the bad guys. I also like Dominic Cooper. He is a prolific actor in his own right. So, no complaints about the acting, but this picture won’t be winning any Oscars ever….


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