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The Pursuit of Love, directed by and adapted for the screen by Emily Mortimer from the celebrated novel by Nancy Mitford, follows the travails of the Radlett family. At the heart of the adaptation is the relationship between cousins Linda and Fanny – their friendship will be put to the test as Fanny settles for a steady life and Linda decides to follow her heart, falling first for a stuffy Tory politician, then an ardent Communist, and finally a French duke. As pre-war political divisions split the nation, these women’s diverging choices raise intimate, personal and timeless questions about freedom, love, sexual politics, and the mystery of the human heart. Coming July 30 to Amazon Prime Video.


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The Pursuit of Love – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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21 replies
  1. Ramos El Apache
    Ramos El Apache says:

    Another racist all white show about people who only care about themselves. No more all white British shows! Boycott this programming of who’s superior and who doesn’t exist! These period show are an excuse to be selective so they can’t cast color actors because they’re racist! And bigots!!! Boycott

  2. Minda Kahn
    Minda Kahn says:

    This is so horrible. Why are the comments hating? Because it’s awful. It’s a pre-war period piece when the world was full of amazing music.
    The music is crap. And I didn’t think I could say that about Bryan Ferry.
    Read the book. This production is dancing on Nancy Mitford’s grave.
    In fact watch a documentary on the Mitfords. Emily Mortimer I watch you no longer!!!!!

  3. agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 says:

    If anyone wants to complain about how Linda is portrayed here then remember she wants to fall in love like she's in a romantic novel and keeps chasing after the ideals she seems to see in men without realising till it's too late that they're all wrong for her. I think here she keeps trying to play a role of a dazzling debutant or a fallen woman or a blissful bride or a brave young adventuress but because she's none of those at heart she's always disappointed.

  4. agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 says:

    I must say, I simply die for Emily Mortimer's version of 'Love in a Cold Climate' and of 'The Blessing' if she ever does an adaption of either. I wonder who she'd cast as Lord and Lady Montdore, Polly, Boy and Cedric? I wonder which child actor she'd pick for the role of that little Maciavellan in training as he's been called Sigi?


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