THE RETURN OF THE FANTASTIC FOUR – Fantastic Four #1 Launch Trailer

57 years to the day that the world was introduced to the Fantastic Four, a new tale will begin for Ben, Johnny, Reed and Sue when FANTASTIC FOUR #1 hits comic shops, featuring an all-new story from superstar creators Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli!

Marvel is proud to present this behind-the-scenes look at FANTASTIC FOUR, featuring Slott, SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski!

“One of the strengths of Stan and Jack is that you never knew what you were going to get in Fantastic Four. You’re always seeing new worlds, you’re always seeing new ideas,” says Slott.

“Sara Pichelli has such a wonderful sense of character and sensitivity in her drawings that she really brings these characters to live,” adds Brevoort.
Don’t miss FANTASTIC FOUR #1, on sale August 8th in comic shops, on the Marvel Comics App, and on!

To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook.

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21 replies
  1. m black
    m black says:

    I'm gonna have to buy that book. Dammit. I miss the old art. New art looks all the same in every series and looks all computer generated. It probably is. Haven't bought a book in forever.

  2. Morge Zorge
    Morge Zorge says:

    Dan Slott, now ruining the Fantastic Four. It wasn't enough to make Peter a bumbling buffoon and manchild, now he has his grasp on the fantastic four, who will probably divorce not long from now.

  3. rfish2
    rfish2 says:

    Hickman delivered the best storyline Marvel has made in years. He took FF to a whole new level. Cannot wait to see what they’ve been up to, restoring the multiverse.

  4. JRS1
    JRS1 says:

    The FF WERE the cornerstone. No one cares anymore. Just write good stories, dammit. I say have Stan come out of retirement and teach you punks how to write!

  5. Michael
    Michael says:

    It is an embarrassment and insult to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and all the talented people that created and built this industry.
    An industry that is in decline in readership along the coming demise of the local comic shops bought on by the unreadable material.
    To paraphrase President Obama, " You didn't build this." The characters and historic infrastructure were already in place for you.
    Instead, you all came in with black magic markers and tracing over the artist pencil work and forcing characters to mimic the party line.


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