‘The Riddle Of The Sphinx’ Ep 4 Teaser | Westworld | Season 2

The Man in Black offers to lead the way and Delos gets a visitor. Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey …

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  1. Boris S
    Boris S says:

    One of those parks better be a Romanworld. If they can have Indiaworld and Shogunworld, they gotta have Romanworld. If I was a guest then ancient Rome would be my first choice. Nothing can compete with the might and glory of Rome! And speaking of Glory, I can't fucking wait for the next episode.

  2. J1E2TS
    J1E2TS says:

    I wish I could just see the Jimmi Simpson/Ed Harris arc and nothing else, if Hopkins comes back fine, but season 2 has been worse than true detective season 2 thus far, abysmal is putting it nice.

  3. clancey sap
    clancey sap says:

    Just some random thoughts on two subjects and please I would love some input or thoughts on this:
    1. I originally thought Grace could be Williams daughter but now thinking something new and maybe somebody has mentioned this but I have not seen yet, since we know little about Ford other than his family he grew up with by chance does he have a daughter and could she be Grace? We do not know how long she has been in the park on her recent visit but her showing up sometime after Ford was shot might have had her make a visit.
    2. This one is really a shot in the dark but based on similarities the Wyatt Teddy saw in his memories looks like a younger version of James Delos (I think anyways). Only because if you were to transfer consciousness early and the beta stages maybe if Delos had the option of a younger version of himself he might take it and that consciousness and host was removed after he caused chaos maybe to self-destruct the park being that Ford was being forced to retire he might have released that consciousness into Dolores because he is targeting the game to be for William I think.
    On another note We assume that James Delos is sick and that Logan is some kind of drug addict however it is possible that James Delos was discussing not having much time for Logan and the drugs we’re maintenance medication not street drugs. I do also think Logan has something to do with the uprising because his anger towards William.
    Anyways, curious on anyone’s thoughts about these theories.

  4. Professor Rinse
    Professor Rinse says:

    Not sure if it bears any relevance to WW episode 4 but 'Riddle of the Sphinx' was an episode in the 80's animated series Ulysses 31. The Sphinx posed the question to Ulysses "What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening?" The correct answer would grant Ulysses and his companions their freedom.

    The answer – Man.

  5. AuctioneerElite
    AuctioneerElite says:

    Hopefully man in Black beats Dolores to death with his bare hands & then sets off a bomb on the park while escaping on horseback. He should say “I’m sorry it had to come to this, goodbye Dolores”, & they have a knockdown drag out fight (like when Arnold fought a female in terminator 3), good stuff


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