The Scheme (2020): Official Trailer | HBO

There’s more to the story.

Documenting Christian Dawkin’s involvement in the biggest criminal case in collegiate sports history, The Scheme premieres March 31 on HBO. #TheSchemeHBO #HBO #HBODocs
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The Scheme (2020): Official Trailer | HBO

22 replies
  1. Julian C
    Julian C says:

    A complete joke this investigation. I dont know whos worse pertaining to this case the FBI or the NCAA who obviously paid off someone high up in the FBI to squash trying the head coaches but to be honest try them for what? Seriously its not illegal its NCAA only illegal

  2. Ignacio Fuentes
    Ignacio Fuentes says:

    Dawkins asked the best question…why is the FBI prosecuting people for breaking NCAA rules. If the schools think he defrauded them, then let them file a civil suit. It's one hell of a leap to call what he did "wire fraud". NCAA might be the most racist organization in the country. A school get's 200 million from Nike for my basketball talent and I get a scholarship worth a fraction of that. WTF. Oh, and none of the guys who run the NCAA are volunteers…they all get paid.

  3. Lisa Mays
    Lisa Mays says:

    And who "owns" the shoe companies? Surprised HBO made this documentary…but didn't mention exactly who owns the shoes companies. Nike, Addias…all produced in…..

  4. Enrique Suazo
    Enrique Suazo says:

    Christian was like a missionary with connections in Africa. Greedy investors/coaches sought his services and he provided for them. How these universities cry victim is hilarious. If his doesn't prove all governments are illegal I dont know what does.

  5. Jason Peters
    Jason Peters says:

    # of Final Four appearances for Arizona last 20 years?
    (They were a better program b4 they started paying every 5*. Maybe Sean Miller is worst X's and O's coach in country? Hes had twenty-one 5* recruits at Arizona. Only 2nd to Calipari/UK.
    0 FF's/2 NCAA misses.)

  6. nlocniL
    nlocniL says:

    FBI wasted so much money just to pin an entire rotten system on a young 20yr old back guy in a billion dollar industry. FBI is pure rubbish of an organisation. Also how was he even convincted? It makes no sense to me tba

  7. KaToKamakazie
    KaToKamakazie says:

    simply put if he was white young ambitious guy the FBI WOULD NOT HAVE PURSUED IT SO FORCEFULLY! After those phone calls they knew they were getting nowhere but a black guy can never have his own business as an agent in the NBA ..
    Did no-one else just love the Mom's bit when he called from prison to tell them what had happened? that whole scenario reminded me of how my mom would react.
    Can American Citizens sue the FBI For being Morons? no I really want to know

  8. Cindz
    Cindz says:

    If only the FBI could use the same resources they did for this so called case , for Jeffery Epstein and Harvey Weintstein and those kinds of criminals.. can you imagine. So tax payers paid the FBI to party on yachts and gamble in Las Vegas.. Amazing. Can public sue the FBI for being morons?

  9. Alan Wientjes
    Alan Wientjes says:

    Unbelievable story and there are so many where the US government does unbelievable things that are mind boggling to me as someone from the netherlands. The US government and institutions as the NCAA are the real crooks. And those basketball head coaches LIARS and keeping their effin jobs.


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