THE SECRET GARDEN Trailer 2 (2020)

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THE SECRET GARDEN tells the story of Mary Lennox (Dixie Egerickx, Genius, The Little Stranger and A Royal Winter), a prickly and unloved 10-year-old girl, born in India to wealthy British parents. When they suddenly die, she is sent back to England to live with her uncle, Archibald Craven (Academy Award® and BAFTA-winner Colin Firth – A Single Man, The King’s Speech, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Bridget Jones’s Baby) on his remote country estate deep in the Yorkshire moors. There, she begins to uncover many family secrets, particularly after meeting her sickly cousin Colin (Edan Hayhurst – Genius, There She Goes), who has been shut away in a wing of the house. Together, these two damaged, slightly misfit children heal each other through their discovery of a wondrous secret garden, lost in the grounds of Misselthwaite Manor. A magical place of adventure that will change their lives forever.

The Secret Garden (2020) is the new family movie starring Colin Firth, Julie Walters and Maeve Dermody.

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  1. The Shadow
    The Shadow says:

    Also, why is the garden literally magical? It is just a story about a garden, which Mary and Dicken regrow, and use to help Colin gain the courage to try and walk. In this trailer, the garden is literally magical. This won’t be good.

  2. Mysticlover Fairy
    Mysticlover Fairy says:

    I just rented this movie on Amazon and it’s really good, I know a lot of people in the comments who probably won’t give this a chance because they’re too attached to the 1994 movie, but I say give it a chance, the main plot is still the same two lonely children find a garden which isn’t that what The Secret Garden is about.

  3. C Marq
    C Marq says:

    It´s the 2nd SECRET GARDEN movie made with Colin Firth. He must love the book…
    He played adult Colin Craven in the 1987 tv movie… I love that version!

  4. jaimeeashley
    jaimeeashley says:

    I love the original and it was one of my favourite movies as a kid but this version looks stunning too. I can’t wait to see it, it looks so beautifully made and the team behind it are so talented.

  5. Katia Ustulin
    Katia Ustulin says:

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