The Shop: Uninterrupted | President Obama Special Episode Teaser | HBO

A conversation you can’t miss. A special episode of The Shop: Uninterrupted featuring President Obama in conversation with …

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  1. cgctorrag
    cgctorrag says:

    So where was your justice reform, prison reform, funding of historically black colleges and real capital investment in black communities to lift people out of poverty barack? A failed president and a hypocrite radicalized millionaire who promotes reverse discrimination(yes, lebron is a racist) …today's democratic(really marxist socialist) party.

  2. Buenomars
    Buenomars says:

    Oh no, the stress of the presidency has taken its toll by not just turning Obama's hair grey, but now his entire self and everything and everyone around him are turning grey too!

  3. doocieonu
    doocieonu says:

    Obama isn't black… he is an oreo. His white mother and white grandmother raised him. His black dad from Kenya abandoned him and was never in his life. Obama is a white guy in heart and mind. Michelle Obama is a transgender

  4. jt
    jt says:

    When you NEED to have OBAMA help you on the campaign you know your in TROUBLE.

  5. David against china
    David against china says:

    Biden deported more latinos than any other president.                             Corporate taxes
      Trump: 21.0%
      Biden: 28.0%
             Income & Payroll taxes
      Trump: 37.0%
      Biden: 52.0%
              Small business taxes
      Trump: 29.6%
      Biden: 39.6%
             Capital gains & divided taxes
      Trump: 23.8%
      Biden: 43.4%                               California: 62.6%
    New Jersey:60%
    New York:58%
    New York City:62%
    Imagine the other state how much he's going to take away from our pockets!Trickle down economics on taxes. If biden wins, the rich people are going to move and hide their money and poor people are going to be stuck paying it, the end. – Candence Owens-

  6. P R
    P R says:

    Nothing pisses off Americans more than a rigged game. The Left and the Media continue to push false Narratives to rig the election process. People are tired of it. They are making a huge mistake by continuing to do so. Anger is a primary motivator that drives people to vote. Democrats you all basically angered the Right with all the BS beyond the level that Democrats were mad at Trump. What do you think that means for this election?

  7. Zach Cloutier
    Zach Cloutier says:

    I miss Barack Obama as president so much. He's been such an inspiration since I was 12 years old in middle school. I miss his reasonable, thoughtful and calming leadership!!! Biden-Harris 2020 all the way!!!


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