The Spanish Princess | Official Teaser | STARZ

The crown is her destiny. The Spanish Princess premieres this spring on STARZ.

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36 replies
  1. bluebardot
    bluebardot says:

    You all I am a historian and I know this will not be incredibly accurate but at least we can enjoy the series! I personally do, absolutely love the cast.

  2. AlcaláDigital AlcaláDigital
    AlcaláDigital AlcaláDigital says:

    Es una serie con muy poco rigor histórico, ya que en su primer capitulo, pone a la reina Isabel La Católica al frente de una batalla con los moriscos, cuando lo cierto es que esta reina, JAMAS participo de forma directa en una batalla, y aquí la ponen con coraza, escudo y espada y manchada de sangre. Lo dicho, muy poco rigor en su primer capitulo, y de seguir así muchas mentiras que es lo que los ingleses cuentan cuando hablan de la historia de España y los españoles. Antes nos robaban los barcos españoles que venían de Hispanoamerica, ahora nos quieren robar nuestra historia mintiendo. Resumiendo los ingleses siempre robando o inventándose leyendas negras contra España. No cambian

  3. Isabel Schmidt
    Isabel Schmidt says:

    Kudos that they actually portray her as a redhead. In the past, they portrayed her as an arab looking woman. Then when people complained and asked them to look at her picture, they made her pale, but dark haired. They still got it wrong. She was super pale and redheaded. She was also very Spanish looking in her features and this actress is slavic looking. This is not the right actress for the role either. She also does not have the right accent. They really should have hired a Spanish pale redheaded actress who had similar features to Katherine. There are actresses out there and they could have hired one. As such, it is still not Katherine and not accurate. As far as the black lady? I have not seen it, but blacks were not European queens or ladies of the court in Spain………Thus, this loses all historical accuracy and becomes a farce or a spoof. It is sad that they do not want to be true to history to please black people who want to see themselves as medieval queens or ladies in waiting in the European courts. This is just sad!!!. By the way, Katherine was completely loved and adored by the British people, even though she was Catholic. Henry singlehandedly changed his country from a Catholic country to a Protestant country all because he wanted to cheat on his wife. He killed so many people because they were Catholic and refused to follow his new church that allowed divorce…….He is the bloody one, not his daughter. He killed at least six thousand people.

  4. Amy Luna Manderino
    Amy Luna Manderino says:

    I was sooo looking forward to this and it really royally sucked. The "history" is a joke, filled with tons of inaccuracies. And the added fictitious characters' plot lines are embarrassingly cliche and regressive. I fast forwarded through most of the scenes. It's an insult to the TV series The White Queen and The White Princess, which were both riveting from start to finish and took precious few liberties with the actual history of the period.

  5. Anne Anderson
    Anne Anderson says:

    On the second episode and I don't think I could be more disappointed. I have studied The Tudors, the war of the roses all the way down to Queen Isabella. The first 2 (the white queen and the white princess )were yes a little off here and there, they did their best to "Entertain" yet keep as close to History(for the most part).
    This????? This is an Imaginary play . At times they swerve close then float way off track. Way off!!!!!! All the way down the the clothes! Utterly misleading and tragically wrong.

  6. oxigen163
    oxigen163 says:

    As usual Philippa Gregory raped historical facts like crazy for the novel this series is based on. She wants to write novels about Tudor history but she obviously doesn't like Tudor history. Cut off her hands!

  7. How to disappear
    How to disappear says:

    Catherine’s sister Juana was a good, kind person. She isn’t a literary character, how can they defame a memory about her? I understand that there is very little truth in the serial, but it hit me. Juana was just a little, naive girl who loved her own husband and went crazy with unrequited love. This person had a terrible fate, she was betrayed by everyone she knew. Change history, but don’t lie about poor faithful woman, all facts were invented by screenwriters, it’s terrible. My heart is broken

  8. Shanoa
    Shanoa says:

    Considering that the image of King Henry VIII that we remember today is of a gross fat slob, its easy to forget that he was once not so hard on the eyes, just the opposite, Henry was quite fit and good-looking in his youth.


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