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True power is knowing what you want and letting nothing stand in your way. Watch Catherine take her place when The Spanish Princess premieres May 5 on STARZ.

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37 replies
  1. William Vorkosigan
    William Vorkosigan says:

    History shmistory. This is a platform for diversity and female empowerment. The White Princess was already entering the realms of fantasy, pretending it was not Richard III who killed the boys in the tower but Lady Margaret Beaufort. Not only that, one survived and Perkin Warbeck really was Richard Duke of York. This "continuation" is ridiculous. Sir Richard Pole without any evidence was portrayed as having lost a couple of fingers and the use of his left arm in The White Princess. Here, he has got better looking, the injury to his arm and loss of fingers forgotten. The rest of this respects the accuracy of history as much as it respects it's own continuity.

  2. Jean Philippe
    Jean Philippe says:

    Of course there were black people, specially since the XIV C! African muslim countries were a cultural referent and land of opportunities for many in Africa and that includes black people of course and while few of them converted and traveled along with other muslim soldiers to the Iberian peninsula, others where brought to Portugal either as slaves (Portugal was the first country to travel across the oceans and inaugurated the Age of Discovery… and black slavery) or as "special guests" (sons of black African nobility sent to Portugal for education but mostly more like hostages just as Romans did) also, many arrived to powerful trading locations such as the Italian republics, Flanders, and the Netherlands due to commerce and trading, that's why you can find a considerable amount of actual black people depicted in medieval paintings from Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands. Eventually in Portugal, while they kept trading with black slaves, many black people were freed and some where even granted positions in Military Orders (on the Portuguese painting Chafariz D'El-Rey painted around 1570 you can see a black knight on a horse wearing a black mantle with the red cross of the order of Saint James on it) this is why Portugal is considered one of the first (if not the first) inclusive countries of the modern era. So there have been black people in Europe for a long time however, if the companions of Catalina were or not black, that's a different story and has nothing to do with the existence of black people in Europe; her companions may have not been black but the reality is that there are no actual records explaining or specifying their race so it is a possibility as well.

  3. Jon C
    Jon C says:

    Hat's off to the efficiency of the postal service. Even when there are no ships sailing to Spain for over a month as they state, the letters somehow come to and fro from Spain. Must be a fax.

  4. Caroline Baker
    Caroline Baker says:

    This series did the real Catherine dirty by trying to make her more "relatable" to modern women and trying to make her to be "badass" in a really forced way.
    She comes out more unlikable than Henry and you almost don't blame him by wanting to bang anything and anyone else but her. The character is VERY obnoxious.

    Historically There was a reason that despite not being able to have a living son and a foreigner, the people of England LOVED Catherine dearly that when Henry married Anne the mood in the street was gloomy and people would often jeer abuse at the royal couple. Catherine wasn't a "feminist" she was an icon that refused the kings demand out of principle and to protect her daughter.
    When her relatives offered to invade England on her behalf after Henry disgraced she refused because she didn't want the deaths of others to be on her conscience.
    Catherine was an honorable and gracious woman respected by most who knew and met her. She was also VERY dedicated to her faith.

    Henry had to threatened nobles and officials with execution if they did not openly denounce Catherine as Queen and accept Anne as his lawful wife.
    That's how much force it took for him to dethrone her and get Boleyn be officially acknowledge at court and among his vassals.

    This show portrays her as a demanding pushy princess with a massive of entitlement that she is "destined" to be Queen of England that is willing to lie, decieve and manipulate all those around in order to become Queen.
    In reality Catherine did not have a choice about leaving England , she was held hostage due the squabbling between her father and Henry VII.

    Even Anne Boleyn (whom I personally don't like) they did dirty by making her out to be just a basic bitch gold digger – there is so much more to Anne than that.
    She is one of the most intriguing women ever to have lived.

    As for Henry how they make it that he hates his own daughter as a child is also not true. He doted on his daughter as child and called her the "Pearl of his world" .
    There were very understandable (for the time) and pragmatic reasons why Henry needed a male heir.

    Henry turned on Mary during the annulment trial when she openly sided with her mother much to fury and angry of her father. Anne Boleyn also aided in driving a further wedge between the two for her own advacement and most importantly her daughter (Elizabeth).

  5. Rodrigo Alonso Parravicini
    Rodrigo Alonso Parravicini says:

    The wrost spanish culture based historical adaptation series EVER! I would forgive them for all the uncountable mistakes of the history and the invented personality of the princess if they only had the decence of chosing an fluent spanish speaker actress but I've never seen in my Life such a terrible combination of Cast and script, only the photography is kind of decent.

  6. Shannon Leigh
    Shannon Leigh says:

    Why do they always do this??? Everytime Catherine of Aragon appears in an adaption of Henry VIII and his wives on tv or in a movie, they always have her with dark brown hair. They have her appear the stereotypical modern day spanish person and still not all people from spain have black or dark brown hair to this day. But I guess they do that to not confuse the audience as Catherine had fair complexion and red hair. So I guess it would be confusing if she looked like she was from Ireland or sweden and had a spanish accent, I guess. Also, in tv and movies, they have Catherine appear much, much older than Henry. She was only 5 to 6 years older than he was. So in film and tv, the age they have her at the time of the divorce she looks as the right age as she was in her mid to late 40s but they have Henry appear much younger than her which wasn't the case. He was in his early 40s at that time. At least in this adaption, they have her in her younger more youthful years with Henry. Also, in the Tudors and The Other Boeyln Girl, they have Henry with brown hair, young, handsome, and fit at the time of the divorce. Henry was definitely not young anymore, he was on his way to being severely over weight and he had red hair as well. That always irked me that they portrayed him as a dark hair handsome lean man but historians have stated that in his younger years before she met Anne, that he was lean and fit as he enjoyed athletic sports, and 6 ft to 6'1 ft tall and considered handsome. But again he was a red head. Regardless I am excited for this tv show. I always wanted to see her life!


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