The Summer I Turned Pretty – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Check out the official trailer for The Summer I Turned Pretty, a new series based on the New York Times bestselling book. Every summer, Belly and her family head to the Fishers’ beach house in Cousins. Every summer is the same… until Belly turns sixteen. Relationships will be tested, painful truths will be revealed, and Belly will be forever changed. It’s a summer of first love, first heartbreak and growing up — it’s the summer she turns pretty.


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The Summer I Turned Pretty – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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  1. artsy lianne
    artsy lianne says:

    Contains spoiler!!
    It was good, worth binge watching all day, I love the setting and soundtrack was chef's kiss especially that part when The Way I loved you playing, thou there were some pretty cliche lines and scenes nonetheless it was good and such a hearty hearty series. I just wanna say that almost everyone was literally the red flag, well except for my goody boy Cam Cameron and I guess Nicole(?), and oh Jeremiah, they were literally my faves in the series, but I am team CONRAD. Belly and Conrad really gave me butterflies and there was so much tension between them. I loved the fact that even though Conrad was in a fucked up phase he was careful with Belly and didn't want to start a relationship with her coz he knew he was a mess, but he was always there for Belly and loves her so much. For Belly Conrad was her first love but she chose Jeremiah because he was the safe choice. Being with Cam and Jeremiah made her dreams come true, the fluttering type of love every teenage girl dreams, but with Conrad everything feels real, I guess that's why she was kinda push and pull to him. Being with Conrad is kinda scary because everything was real and it scares her, but that's love it makes you feel good and scared at the same time. Even thou I am team Conrad, I still love Jere he was cute and loves Belly too, he also fell inlove with her even way before the summer she turned pretty but she was always inlove with Conrad so Jere doesn't want to place himself in between, but seeing the situation between his brother and Belly made him want to take his chance. Season 2 will probably break me, but there's still season 3!! So I'll patiently wait for it.

  2. u need therapy
    u need therapy says:

    As a Taylor Swift fan, I'm in bliss rn. Gotta admit Jenny Hann is really talented and is living her best life. First she published her books which were all hits. Then her 'to all the boys' books got their own movies. They turned out to be massive hits (all three movies). And now she released her second book adaptation 'the summer I turned pretty ' which btw, no surprise, turned out to be yet another hit. It is also renewed for season 2 and we all know that s2 is going to be a hit as well! Taylor literally released her re recording of 'This love' early solely for the reason that Jenny can include it in the series as she is a massive Taylor fan. And now we are getting a 'to all the boys' spin off which follows Katy's love life in Korea! Aahh brilliant

  3. Dream Chaser
    Dream Chaser says:

    Conrad is adorable 🙂 people who bash him are not good at reading others or too young to understand him. Introverted people process their feelings differently, they wouldn’t say „I love you“ too much, they show it differently, by trying to protect you from struggles of life, even if it means to hide their own problems.. When they suffer they do it quietly and close themselves off, so that nobody can see that, meanwhile noticing every small thing about you… They don’t fall in love easily, but deeply because they have extremely sensitive hearts, therefore they keep a distance to protect themselves. They act and talk differently which might be misread, they’re different and not so easy to understand. But they shouldn’t change, that’s their beauty… ✨

  4. Dooine Blue
    Dooine Blue says:

    I watched the first season, and it was so beautifully made and never knew they had books on it. So I ordered the whole collection on Amazon for 23 bucks. Just started reading the first book


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