The Sunset: Limited Trailer (HBO Films)

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Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones star in the HBO Film “The Sunset Limited.”

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The Sunset: Limited Trailer (HBO Films)

29 replies
  1. Mathieu Dodier
    Mathieu Dodier says:

    This movie was so AWESOME!
    I wasn't expecting anything from this, watched it because of the actors but oh god this was so deep and true and… And… i don't have the words to describe thant movie

  2. Sally F
    Sally F says:

    Such good actors — Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones. I trust Baron Basparro (who has a beautiful name) and will see it as soon as I can.

  3. Nilesh Pandey
    Nilesh Pandey says:

    What exellent movie is this superb diloques between this two actors. They has done absolutely fantastic work by doing great intellectual debate.. english is not my native language i m still learning it i watched this movie many times to understand it properly.
    I hope they will make "SUNSET LIMITED PART-2" soon 🙂

  4. St. Clare
    St. Clare says:

    Did Cormac McCarthy experience some kind of trauma as a kid? I mean have any of you read the screenplay for this or The Road or Child of God? He's a genius writer, don't get me wrong, but my god is he fucking dark sometimes. He sometimes makes Samuel Beckett seem like Barney the Dinosaur.

  5.  ʎdǝǝɹɔmoth
    ʎdǝǝɹɔmoth says:

    Professor White is one of the few characters I've watched that I can truly relate to. But Mr. Black is an intriguing character on his own, his desperation to have meaning in life is so like the majority in this world.

  6. G2
    G2 says:

    From the trailer this looked like the type of film that will create a thoughtful discussion or possibly even a heated debate afterwards. And after watching it, I can say that it certainly does. While the first half of this movie might lull viewers into a belief that they know where it is going, the second half will prove those people wrong. Thank you Cormac McCarthy.


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