The Super Bob Einstein Movie | Official Trailer | HBO

“It was Bob’s world, we’re only living in it.”

The #SuperBobEinstein Movie, an HBO original documentary and celebration of the beloved comedian, actor, producer, and writer from the people that knew him best, premieres December 28 at 9PM on HBO Max.

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37 replies
  1. Tal Moore
    Tal Moore says:

    When I see Seinfeld I can't help but think of that episode of Comedians In Cars where Jerry tells Bob that he's going to give him the NSX after the show and at the end of the show Jerry tells him he was just joking. Poor Bob.

  2. Dean Ronson
    Dean Ronson says:

    All of these hyperbolic praises for Einstein by his comedian colleagues are inexplicable and mind-boggling to me. They remind me of similar baseless peons to Andy Kaufman a generation ago. Bob wasn't able to be funny if his life had depended on it. Whenever Super Dave was on a talk show, I'd walk away or mute the sound, knowing that I'd be thoroughly disgusted by his painful displays of non-humor and corny jokes. On Curb, he was just another character, no great shakes.

    This phenomenon of undeserved praise or unrefined comedic taste reminds me of a parallel one in music. So many musicians can reach a top-notch status on their instrument and their genre, but their general music taste may remain very limited and less than developed. Sax player David Sanborn is an example. In the late 80's, he had a late-night music TV show, featuring famous artists from just about any musical genre under the sun. His own playing was great, and his solos were superb – a marked difference from his usual recorded output of commercial jazz before that gig. But soon thereafter, he got a jazz radio show on NPR as music host, spinning records by other artists. Incredibly, his selections were mediocre, and the show was a flop.

  3. New Falconer Records
    New Falconer Records says:

    I only just watched this tonight. I'm from Australia and I didn't know anything at all about Bob Einstein apart from being Funkhauser on Curb. A brilliantly made doco, made with great energy, so many laugh out loud moments and a nice look at his family side as well. This guy had some serious comedy miles on him that I was completely unaware of.

  4. thewkovacs
    thewkovacs says:

    very good doc…but it seemed that they purposefully didnt go deep into his relationship with his brothers
    cliff may be the funniest of the three
    not to spoil anything, but when they spoke to his grandkids i came close to tears
    forget anything else he did…he was a very good family man


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