The Terminal List – Official Teaser | Prime Video

The Terminal List arrives on Prime Video July 1, 2022.


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The Terminal List – Official Teaser | Prime Video

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42 replies
  1. Resist Disinformation
    Resist Disinformation says:

    Why do American movie and television producers keep making the same tired, repetitive material full of violence and death? Oh, wait, I remember now. Because Americans and others around the world are strangely fascinated with violence and death! But why is that the case?

  2. MrArrmageddon
    MrArrmageddon says:

    I'm excited for this one. Chris is one of the best actors these days. Is this only going to be on prime? I want to buy it on Youtube. Oh well I will see it eventually. Wait I think I have amazon prime either way I may get it just for this series. I'm happy they got Chris!

  3. Muhammad Chaudhury
    Muhammad Chaudhury says:

    The reviews in the media are way off. I thought this was a nicely thought out TV drama with action and thought. So what if things are a bit far stretched.. But so was Jack Bauer / 24.. And that was awesome viewing too.

  4. Frederick Pittman
    Frederick Pittman says:

    Really good show — the critics got it wrong on this show. I haven’t liked Chris Pratt in anything until this show. He was believable and didn’t have that silliness routine he normally has. Great show.


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