The Terror: Infamy Season 2 Trailer | Coming This August

“Anywhere you go, it follows you.” Don’t miss the Season Premiere Monday, August 12 at 9/8c.

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The Terror: Infamy Trailer

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41 replies
  1. Basillio11
    Basillio11 says:

    Yes we imprisoned many Japanese during WW2. Why? Pearl Harbor and the precision of the airstrikes could only be committed by intel from within. What did the Japanese do with their prisoners? They burned them alive…

  2. Alex Bauman
    Alex Bauman says:

    I’m really excited for this. A Japanese-American internment camp is such an interesting setting to tell a horror story and while the trailers haven’t given away too much of the plot (this is a good thing), the visuals and character conflicts look engaging.

  3. bob gunter
    bob gunter says:

    Wow did not think they had another story as visually grabbing as the first season but this part of history is not talked about a lot nice to see it talked about and shapshifting ghosts never hurt a story

  4. Striker163
    Striker163 says:

    I like that since they’re turning the terror into an anthology series they’re still sticking with this thriller based historical fiction take. Gives me hope that this can become a respectable and chilling series that stands out in the horror genre

  5. abcun17
    abcun17 says:

    The other day I read an article in The New York Times where different personalities were trying to assess the future of feature films and their ability to survive in their current format and movie-going as a whole. But nobody seemed to discuss the elephant in the room…and the fact that soo many movies today, big budget blockbusters and small indy movies etc, lack the quality necessary to attract audiences. Then I wish all those people in the article could have seen this trailer which in one minute packs more of a punch than most movies I've seen over the past few years. You ask me…this is what movies should look and sound like…and "The Terror" already does… there's your future…

  6. The Lost and Forgotten
    The Lost and Forgotten says:

    Kind of odd that it's still called The Terror. I mean, it was kind of a double meaning type of deal that was specific to the first season. But let's hope that a slightly misused title is the biggest problem this new one has.

  7. RyanArtward
    RyanArtward says:

    What I really like about this season is how they not only have casted actor George Takei, they have him acting as a consultant, as he and his family were detained in an Internment Camp during the war, so they may have a realistic interpretation of those infamous places, (save of course the shapeshifting monsters.)

  8. John
    John says:

    Wasn't expecting this, and I am pleasantly surprised! It's fantastic that they're covering an aspect of WWII that's hardly even mentioned.

  9. Kaipyro67ALT
    Kaipyro67ALT says:

    I could see The Terror covering a lot of different cultures and folklore. Native American folklore, Mexican folklore, Scandinavian folklore, South African folklore, maybe set a story during WW1 in Europe or the American Revolution in the deep south or Colonial Africa? The possibilities with a series like this are truly endless!

  10. Luke Silletta
    Luke Silletta says:

    The Terror was such a great show. I'm glad this is entirely new. Nothing wrong with telling a story from start to finish and not forcing extra seasons with the same characters.

  11. valar
    valar says:

    So basically you take an already nasty real-life story that doesn't need embellishment and make it even more nasty with a supernatural twist. NICE

    P.S. George Takei FTW

  12. Achilles94
    Achilles94 says:

    I cant wait to watch this b/c im a history buff and they way they did it with the first season was awesome…this is was really wrong to be treated that way and it was awful…bt Japan did have spies, thats how they attack to Pearl Harbor…….and if any of us was President, and you know they are spies in your country…and if you dont catch them, they can a lot of information that Japan can use against us……so there is a lot of question……was thing was wrong thing to do? or what we should have done?? bt later on…they were given settlements from the govnorment.


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