The Three Faces of Eve | #TBT Trailer | 20th Century FOX

Joanne Woodward brought home a Best Actress OSCAR® for her unforgettable portrayal of a woman with multiple personality disorder. Woodward plays Eve White, a troubled housewife who begins seeing a psychiatrist. Under hypnosis, Eve’s two additional personalities are revealed: a vamp and an independent sophisticate — but curing her will require a probe into her disturbing past.

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The Three Faces of Eve | #TBT Trailer | 20th Century FOX

22 replies
  1. Ebony R.
    Ebony R. says:

    Good concept its based off of a real woman named Eve White who evetually gained 20+ personalities. There are psychology videos about her. But she suffered because she had multiple purple site around her when she was a child and tho cope she formed these personalities

  2. Leon
    Leon says:

    This movie is based on the book "The Three Faces of Eve" by Corbett H. Thigpen & Hervey M. Cleckley. Thigpen was her therapist and he controlled, exploited and abused her over years. He actually paid Chris only 3 dollars (one for each of her three personalities) for the rights of her story. With all of the royalties for this book, other books, articles, and movies, she should have been paid around two million dollars. Also the book by Thigpen and Cleckley is falsified and obviously doesn't tell the true story of Chris Costner Sizemore. She died on July 24, 2016, in Ocala, Florida. I hope her family receives some of the money you are still making with this over 60 year old movie, 20th Century Fox….

  3. Lan Zhan's Forehead Ribbon
    Lan Zhan's Forehead Ribbon says:

    I just want to share that I came here whilst studying Abnormal Psychology for my board examinations. Saw a very short example of The Three Faces of Eve: Movie on the side labeled under the Dissociative Identity Disorder, hence searching for it.

  4. Khalaf alshammry
    Khalaf alshammry says:

    فيلم دراما وقصة حقيقية رائع وجميل

    يستحق الأوسكار .

    وهو بروعة فيلم الرعب النفسي والغموض : " Split " للنجم العالمي : جيمس مكافوي " .

  5. Angela Carleton
    Angela Carleton says:

    I saw this morning a long time ago and it still shocks me when I was small because Joanne Woodward is so convincing as Eve tormented by her two personalities. Eventually, in the movie, they died or disappear except for Jane who seems to be normal by contrast to the other two personalities. Although, they only showed 3 personalities she had many more. Joanne Woodward got the Oscar for her performance.

  6. Khalaf alshammry
    Khalaf alshammry says:

    فيلم سيرة ذاتية رائع وجميل

    وهذا المرض يسمى في العصر الحديث " إنفصام الشخصية "
    وهنا يظهر توفق الغرب على الشرق في " علم الطب "

    وقد طرح قصة حقيقة وهي " أن ما يقع للأطفال في الصغر يكون له تأثير كبير عليهم عند الكبر " بسبب التعذيب وغيره من الأسباب الكثيرة جداً .

    ورغم أن هذه الأفلام الأجنبية قديمة لكن لها نكهة خاصة بها جميلة ورائعة وسعيدة جداً لذلك لا تمل من تكرارها .

    وقد ذكرت من قبل أنه يستحق الأوسكار ولذلك جماله وبراعة الطب الغربي على غيره .
    وهناك فيلم قريب منه لكنه فيلم رعب " spilt "

    هكذا تكون صناعة الأفلام وإلا فلا ، ومهما قلت عنها " السينما العالمية الأجنبية الجميلة والرائعة والسعيدة جداً القديمة والحديثة " لن تفي بحقها .


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