The Trip | Official Trailer | Netflix

Well, that escalated quickly. Lars and Lisa’s marriage has seen better days. But a weekend trip to the family cabin in the woods offers them both a chance to start fresh. As soon as the other one is dead.


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The Trip | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Gopakumar.M
    Gopakumar.M says:

    At first, during the first 10 mins or so, I thought that this movie would be a complete waste of time… And then it 'happened'' !!! As the story, began to unfold, it grabbed me. Very interesting characters deepened the plot. Sinister, quite bloody, but intense story line. Extremely well acted with each character keeping this viewer guessing as to the outcomes

  2. Lo Lo
    Lo Lo says:

    It's a good movie. Lots of action after the first 15 mins and some laughs too. You'll probably enjoy it if you come in with reasonable expectations

  3. circe.
    circe. says:

    Gory, gory, gory! Had to 10-second skip a few times, but enjoyed it overall. Dad was the true hero, though. "I'm proud of you, son" ♥. And loved the ending. A made-for-movie real life story never really depicts the actual story.

  4. Zen KC
    Zen KC says:

    One of the best comedy and action movies I have ever seen. I thought it was an action and I hesitated to watch. I highly recommend it for movie lovers .

  5. Joash
    Joash says:

    I just finished watching this and I didn't know so many people enjoyed it. It was okish. I wouldn't watch it again. Story isn't anything new and the fight scenes dragged on for too long and there's so many of them. I found some parts funny but yeah, it gets a meh from me

  6. DIDAmnesia
    DIDAmnesia says:

    I end up watching this with subtitles imo This movie would have been so much better (for me) had they done the English version with the actors voice instead of a different actor. Both Noomi and Aksel Hennie speak English very well. The over dubbing wasn't awful but it wasn't the voices of the actual actors and it could have been easily. Just my 2 cents…. fun movie though. I think Aksel is going to have a good 10 years at least getting good parts. He could easily play Bill Burrs brother in a movie


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