The Wheel Of Time – Official Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

The Wheel of Time arrives on Prime Video November 19, 2021.

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The Wheel Of Time – Official Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

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32 replies
  1. Shibumi
    Shibumi says:

    Season 1- lame. I come late to the series, I was watching an interview with Henry Cavill where he said that he read this series when he was preparing for his first Superman role. He said he read it ti get a feel for how it was to grow from ordinary to extraordinary… 
    They need a much bigger budget for this- the Ogier was TERRIBLE, obviously nothing like they were supposed to look, or the size they were supposed to be- completely a budget decision on their part… Bezos needs to cough up enough money to do this RIGHT… at least on the scale of The Witcher, if not more like Game of Thrones…

  2. MerlinW
    MerlinW says:

    Show for feminists. If you wanna see dumb, crybaby, tool men and badass women this is your show. You can also find all the races, colors and sexuality in it. 2020s baby! Let's f*ck up every movie with unnecessary bs… Without all these things, the show could have had potential.

  3. Marshall Gears
    Marshall Gears says:

    It felt rush. I can't even relate to any of the characters. You see, when you watch something, you will feel and relate with the character, then you will be hook by it but in this series. Nope, nothing, zero. It felt so rush.

  4. Aes Sedai
    Aes Sedai says:

    Worst outcome possible. And I am Aes Sedai; I cannot lie. I won't be watching past episode 2, and definitely won't be watching any remaining seasons. Horrible job Amazon.

  5. J.
    J. says:

    How overwhelming.

    I have to start avoiding anything that is advertised to be "inspired by" or "based on" some famous work. If you don't even try to be roughly faithful, just do your own original thing.

  6. Casey Kirby
    Casey Kirby says:

    Worst adaptation I have ever seen!!! No respect for the characters or the source material where I am convinced they have not read the books or at least have the lowest form of respect for them.

  7. MegaHurtz
    MegaHurtz says:

    Just binged the first season. Never read the books. Never even heard of this title before. So here’s my unbiased opinion. It was a great season and can’t wait for the next. High production value. Memorable characters and a great story!!!

  8. Azeem Aziz
    Azeem Aziz says:

    I have been watching cinematic series like these in my home theater with the big screen and surround sound and it is a completely different experience to watch a show like this in the home theater than watching on the phone or on TV. I am curious if anyone of you would be willing to rent home theaters to your nearby place to truly experience a few important episodes of cinematic series like this. Please leave a comment and let me know about your thoughts.


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