The Witcher Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Destiny is a beast. Watch the official trailer for Season 2 of The Witcher.

The Witcher Season 2 debuts December 17, only on Netflix.


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The Witcher Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Gram w Gry
    Gram w Gry says:

    How is it that a big fan of Sapkowski, who has read books that have not been popular yet, doesn't even want to watch season 2? It's April and I only watched 5 episodes of which in the middle of the 2nd episode I fell asleep and woke up at 5. A colleague from work told me that I didn't lose anything, so I trust him. I'd rather go through the game one more time or read books three times than watch this circus. Do what you want, but do not sign this crap that it is based on books, because from books you probably took only the names of the characters … I am not even waiting for the 3rd season, because I will see what else interests me and until you release another part of this pathetic incoherent tale, I will no longer be your subscriber. I prefer Disney + or HBO Max – at least there are more valuable things there and not forcing LGBT ++++++ xxxx ++++ XXXX Make John Paul II black and it will be like in the prophecy – the end of the world, because people will get pissed…

  2. tigereltoro
    tigereltoro says:

    Except the first episode all the other ones where mediocre at best. And wtf is hip-hop doing in a medieval fantasy background music? Unless something changes drastically , this title will never get to GOT level….sad but true, too many mediocre actors and too much mediocre direction.

  3. L.C.
    L.C. says:

    I absolutely despise the creators for killing off Roach in that manner. I stopped watching it. Wasn't necessary. Roach did not deserve that. Wth is wrong with Witcher letting that happen? Stupid show anyway.

  4. McTapoutos
    McTapoutos says:

    Who is still watching this "life time " quality series ? They should just cancel it all together , this series is a bad joke on us people who read Sapkowki books long time ago maybe 34 , this on the other hand is a absolutely nothing zero substance zero knowledge of the source material it's actually embracing.

  5. JShaddy
    JShaddy says:

    IMO: Visually this was better.

    Story wise.. Season 1 was at least close to source material.
    This season was the worst "adaption" I've seen since Voyage of the Dawn Treader… Have studios not learnt from others.. Like when Disney was making Narnia they started off strong and followed the story fairly closely with The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, then Prince Caspian they rewrote a few scenes and tried to create some extra drama thinking they could make it more interesting, then they trying to rewrite the entire of Voyage of the Dawn Treader into some video game like adventure and wondering why the wheels fell off.

    The reason we like theses characters and the world is because of the source material, I know not everything on paper can translate well to on screen and some extra dialogue may need to be added here and there, but at least trying to stick with it would be better than what ever this shit show is. If it keeps going this way season 3 or 4 will be the last season cause they will have screwed it. Rewrite Season 2 and stick to the books.

  6. Nataniel Garro
    Nataniel Garro says:

    what a pity that such a talentless, limited, absolutely unimaginative person was chosen as showrunner for such a promising project as The Witcher! This person absolutely does not understand the lore of the World, which is taken to film. after suffering the last of the first season and experiencing almost physical pain from three episodes of the second season, it comes to a clear realization that the showrunner did not even open the source. All the characters are turned inside out, not even turned inside out, but simply raped! I can write a 50 page list of why the show is not The Witcher, but rather like the writing of an 8 year old child, so stupid and primitive.

  7. Gravity Slave
    Gravity Slave says:

    I just cant watch this series anymore. it's a Polish folklore and they force diversity into this by shoe horning bIack actors in this. Isnt this cultural appropriation? Keep this pandering garbage.

  8. OberKommando West
    OberKommando West says:

    Wolves asleep amidst the trees

    Bats all a swaying in the breeze

    But one soul lies anxious wide awake

    Fearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraiths

    For your dolly Polly sleep has flown

    Don't dare let her tremble alone

    For the witcher, heartless, cold

    Paid in coin of gold

    He comes he'll go leave naught behind

    But heartache and woe

    Deep, deep woe!!

  9. Daniel Mihalev
    Daniel Mihalev says:

    I really don't get why this series is trying to imitate the style of pop Hollywood blockbuster Marvel fantasy. It's a story based on some Eastern European mythology. Get some European filmmakers who actually care about their craft and spend time on it. Get some proper Bulgarian, Russian Slavic music composers.
    It's funny how their agenda is against cultural appropriation and they themselves have done the very thing they criticize without even giving it justice and Americanizing it with cheap rap music. The game creators spent their time on crafting each moment and each dialogue with patience, love and dedication, but that doesn't seem to be the case with the series. Let's not even talk about the on the nose awful humour and barely any memorable music. I really can't stand commercial filmmaking. The Witcher should have been given to A24.

  10. NCSM_official
    NCSM_official says:

    Good thing you at least tried to make this. Bad thing is that Lauren Hissrich do not even try to make this something more than just a B-series Netflix visual chewing gum. Using same budget you can do a lot more to show history and characters relationships. Even in-game movies from Witcher 3 are way better than this. Movies are not just about high quality graphics, they are about roles played by people. Lauren should just go to any theatre and look how people make you believe in their relationships and emotions just in front of ordinary low-detailed decorations. The cast is quite good, at least Henry and Joey, but using good actors and nice graphics are not enough for good movie.

    P. S. Rap in Witcher? Ok, Waiting for Jaskier to feat with Eminem, guess this trash should not be worse with rap battles inside


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