There’s Someone Inside Your House | Official Trailer | Netflix

From the producers of Stranger Things and The Conjuring Universe, a high school senior (Sydney Park) and the rest of her new school’s graduating class are being targeted by a masked killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets to the world. Based on The New York Times bestselling book by Stephanie Perkins. Directed by Patrick Brice.

Watch THERE’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE only on Netflix October 6:


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There’s Someone Inside Your House | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. EscargoTouChaud
    EscargoTouChaud says:

    Don't watch it if you expect good quality and people NOT doing stupid things like not running when having the chance. Only good thing was a couple of good songs. It pains me to think they spend money making this nonsense when there are so many talented people who don't get funded.

  2. Riccc Oooo
    Riccc Oooo says:

    I dont get it, the killer gets a phone call at the very beginning of the film, just efter he killed his first victim. The phone says "dad" & son in the other end, we get to see his father on the football stage, (which clearly isnt his father, since we know that who Zachs father is). Its someone else we never get to see again. What am i missing????

  3. Gdggu Chbhh by i
    Gdggu Chbhh by i says:

    The movie was a little disappointing to be honest. The reasoning for the the killer killing people wasn’t clear enough. And they made it so obvious who the killer was. When the movie ended I was dissatisfied and was longing for more. The movie was a good idea and it was good, but then it got bad. 5.5/10

  4. Will Shogren
    Will Shogren says:

    Incoherent, woke little movie about a stupid person who's so privileged he kills a bunch of other stupid people. Also featuring some dogshit poetry and Sharon Van Etten sprinkled on top for a veneer of profundity.

  5. Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis says:

    Absolutely terrible movie. This movie is the definition of woke. Gay, they/them/she/he/it, constant remarks on race, attacks on Christians, etc… Literally one of the cringiest movies I’ve ever seen. Absolute garbage.

  6. Duke Cally
    Duke Cally says:

    I love how almost every movie now is politically motivated. It’s always some white person bashing liberals and the liberal killing them off, there’s always some anti – white or “white privilege” comments in every movie. Anyone who’s completely naive won’t see the brainwashing , but a lot of us see the brainwashing clear as day. Their literally throwing hidden agendas and brainwashing in every Netflix movie. I forgot Obama owns a big portion of Netflix now, definitely an evil man sent to divide and conquer. People better get your minds right and see through the nonsense division


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