These Consumer Goods Come At A Price | Broken Trailer | Netflix

Broken is a new investigative documentary series that identifies and deconstructs the systems that make consumer products vulnerable to fraud, corruption, and negligence – often at the expense of public health and safety. The series uncovers the truth behind the consumer price of the vaping industry, counterfeit cosmetics, plastics and fast furniture.

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These Consumer Goods Come At A Price | Broken Trailer | Netflix

This investigative docuseries shows how negligence and deceit in the production and marketing of popular consumer items can result in dire outcomes.

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  1. Mike Bieman
    Mike Bieman says:

    So many docu’s on Netflix are Liberal narratives. It’s hard to watch after their narrative gets exposed. Will be deleting my account before next payment is due. I don’t need a form of entertainment to dictate to me their liberal agenda pushing BS.

  2. bbygrlpt2
    bbygrlpt2 says:

    In the furst episode about counterfeit products, they say only big stores and their own websites sell the original product. But what about regular stores?? Like the ones where they sell many household stuff and they also have a section of makeup??! Theyre not in the street and the prices are the same as in big stores.. are their products real or fake???

  3. pseudonymity0000
    pseudonymity0000 says:

    To be frank, anchoring furniture is a good compromise in my opinion. To make the furniture more steady and secure on its own, allowing it to be a toddler ladder would raise the price for everyone else, and would consume more lumber.

    What you are asking for is a nanny state. In this world, all cleaning products would have to be non toxic, beds made to withstand being a tramplean, glues and adhesives made to have weak bonding force, and all items sold to have non-sharp edges. All knicknacks and toys will have to be made to a size that can not fit in any under 3's mouth, the internet censored by default, and all media produced to be PG/U.

    All in the name of protecting your kids from being kids, using products in ways that are not intended.

    The thing is with kids, they are inherently unpredictable and see the world with the upmost naïveté. It is how it is, they are kids and need to be guided, so they don't do things that will unknowingly to them do harm. You know, It's a thing we used to call parenting.

    I don't blame the parents for taking this action however. It must be incredibly emotionally traumatising to lose a child in such a tragic accident. However, we cannot ignore the psychology going on here. With how traumatic the death of a child must be, feeling just one iota of responsibility that led to their death would be a pain that I'm sure would be unbearable to endure. so having an out to land the responsibility elsewhere is only human.

  4. John Boy
    John Boy says:

    Sickening, attack tobacco and vape companies and push the biggest killer alcohol . Alcohol affects entire families including children and a huge burden on our health care. I believe a lot of our mental health stems from alcohol. At the end of this documentary they say vaping killed $1000 people in 2019 which they can’t even prove. Let’s get the alcohol number. There’s Alcohol marketing every where. Who stops them??

  5. Thomas Uniat
    Thomas Uniat says:

    I just watched this series and I think their furniture episode does a huge disservice to the other episodes. By focusing on targeting IKEA they overshadow the the fact that ALL furniture that can tip regardless of size or quality should be structurally fastened to a support like a wall stud. I bought the exact malm dresser featured in the episode in 2011 at an IKEA in Canada and it came with several warnings stating it HAD to be screwed into the wall for safety. It even came with a mounting kit. It is currently in my 2 year old's room and I am not concerned because it is fastened through the structure of the dresser to two studs with two 3" wood screws per stud. In my opinion this episode put vilifying a major company like IKEA ahead of public safety probably for the views (note the irony). Even if you have a $10,000 solid oak American made dresser it should still be fastened to a rigid support through the structure of the dresser. If angle brackets are required, go buy some from Home Depot or Lowes.

  6. bondanoz
    bondanoz says:

    Started watching the furniture episode and couldn't finish, it seems so bias. I've always preferred solid wood furniture and found Ikea stuff cheaply made. That being said, I have some Ikea furniture. My bed is going on 12 years and still strong. I also have an expensive solid wood chest of drawers and tried pulling some of them out, with just a little bit of weight it started to tip. This isn't a cheap furniture issue.

  7. FPChris
    FPChris says:

    Starting watching the Deadly Dressers. Sounds like a bunch of crying about IKEA furniture driving traditional furniture out of business. I guarantee you that children were crushed by traditional furniture too.

  8. polly styrene
    polly styrene says:

    Broken – Deadly Dressers had me screaming "fuc* off" at the TV as Karen-like mothers, and limp, doughy dads blamed IKEA because they failed to read the instructions and secure furniture to the wall. This so that their unsupervised kids wouldn't be hurt when they opened the drawers and climbed the dressers. Cheap furniture purchased. Instructions and warnings ignored. Unsupervised kid. Sad, but predictable outcome. This is a story of parental negligence.

  9. d1fferen7
    d1fferen7 says:

    If the users didn't want to buy something, the fake industry wouldn't even produce it. So… some people cannot afford certain item, let's say a pair of expensive Jordans. They want the item, but don't want to pay upwards of a thousand dollars. Welp, fake producers notice that and create a counterfeit sneaker worth 50 dollars. The consumer notices that and decides to buy cause "no one will notice the difference" (that is their thought). But trust me, the materials are cheaper and more toxic, the quality is worse… Everything screams "stay away" when it comes to fakes.

  10. Relative Badger
    Relative Badger says:

    Just listen to the Yanks in this documentary upping themselves about capitalism, This one guy says he's 'John D. Bassett THE THIRD' Hahaha! – You're name's 'John Bassett' you arrogant arsewipe, and the fact that all your family is hired in this says far more than the crap you spout.

  11. Amanda Hanson
    Amanda Hanson says:

    A lot of people don’t really consider where they’re going to spend eternity, or what eternity is. And if you are not saved, we know that we’re on our way to hell. 1000 years and eternity will not be over, ten thousand years and it will not be over. It’s forever. The good news? Jesus Christ came and died for our sins, knowing everything we’ve ever done and are going to do. He has mercy on us. If you woke up today and you have breath in your lungs, that is Gods mercy. Despite your sin, that

    offends a Holy and righteous God, you woke up today

    This world will never fulfill you, only one thing can do that, and thats God.

    We will always be trying to fill that void unless we go to our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    He’s the mender of our hearts.

    Psalms 147:3
    “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds”

    That void each and every one of us has tried to fill time and time again is a God sized one, each and every single one of us is made for a relationship with God.

    He knew us before He knitted us together in our mother’s wombs

    Just put your faith in Him. That makes you a child of God. Have faith in God and trust what the Bible says and follow Him.

    Why? Because faith should produce obedience

    Decide to live for Him before it’s too late. Because Jesus is coming back so soon for His people and immediately after that destruction follows

    God bless you


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